The Conversation Amaka Benson Had With Her Son That Assured Her She Has Been Teaching Him The Right Things About God

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, so is raising a child. In fact, bringing a child up to be good is no easy feat especially in a world with so many distractions.

Amaka Benson, a mother of two, wanted her kids to know more about God, so she made sure that talking to them about God was not restricted to only when they go to church or pray at night.

From playing bible games to listening to audio bibles with her children, her older child had to ask her how he could hear God. And when he finally did, that became the assurance for Amaka that she had been teaching her children well.

She wrote,

I don’t rely on just going to church and bedtime prayers as an example or a means to build my children’s foundation of faith. in addition to praying and reading the Bible, we play Bible games to promote discussion and honestly I found that since we started this method of learning – Micah is constantly asking me to tell him more about the Bible and God. He wants to understand their journeys even Eliana, after watching or playing…the next step is to bring her Bible for us to read together.

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Over the past month – Micah and I listen to an audio Bible on our drive from school and it opens room for more discussion. We pray in front of our children. We talk about God and I am very open and honest with Micah about my relationship with God – I never pretend to be perfect or to know it all.

I have told him about my own trials and test of faith and how it drew me closer to God. Eli may not understand now but Micah is appreciating that a relationship with God is give and take. .

Now Micah is asking a lot of questions- some with straightforward answers, some tough and some i don’t know the answers to (I always tell him to let me study God’s word and get back to him)

A couple of days ago we were walking home from the doctor and this happened:
Micah: “mama I know God is in Heaven but where is God?”
Me: “He is everywhere Micah, He is with you, beside you, in You.”
Micah: “but how come I always talk to God and he doesn’t talk back to me.”

Me: “He does Micah and very soon, you will hear Him loud and clear”
Micah: “please talk to me God, I am listening”
Me: “Soon DemDem. God loves you.”
Micah: “I love You too God.”
And then he asks a random question about the bus and that’s where we ended the conversation.

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Last night, when i walked upstairs with him.
Micah: “Mama, my little sister is alone in the room, please let’s pray to God to protect her.
After praying together
Micah: “mama, God spoke to me!”
Me: “He did!! What did he say?”
Micah: “He said I shouldn’t worry, that He is always protecting Eliana. I am not worried about Eliana, God is with her!”

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