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This Tear-Jerking Story Of Aunty Gloria May Help You Put Your Relationship With Men Into Perspective


A twitter user, Adesuwa, shared the story of her aunt, Gloria.

Gloria was in love with a keyboardist in church but because he was scared to ask her out, she ended up marrying a pastor in the church.

That marriage became a nightmare and Gloria was eventually sent packing.  On the 1st of December, Adesua said her family received a call that her aunt had died.

She tweeted,

Thread! I don’t have much followers but please retweet so a lot of people may see this post I believe it’s going to help a lot. True life story.

I am going to write only the first letter of their names, to protect their identity. Uncle f and aunty g were best of friends. My younger sister and I could bet that they were going to get married (we were about 7 and 5 years old)

Aunty g was the choir mistress, uncle f was the keyboardist They said they were just friends but even the blind could see their love

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Before we knew what was going on, aunty g got married to the assistant pastor, pastor o. The whole church was kinda shook. Uncle f left the church. He married another girl

When I met with aunty g and asked her questions, she said I was too young to understand. Then my mum told me, she said they loved each other like siblings and best of friends. Aunty g was expecting uncle f to make a move but uncle f was scared to, so aunty g thought he wasn’t

Interested. Then the pastor made the move and she agreed. They got married in 2006. She married as a virgin. She was about 30 yrs old. Years passed, no issue.

Fast forward to 2015. Pastor o kicked her out of the house saying that she didn’t want to have a baby for him. A broken aunty g came to stay with my family for a while. Then she opened up

She said that on their wedding night, she bled a lot! And it was painful She couldn’t conceive a child because of the growth of fibroid in her womb She told her husband, the pastor, the surgery to remove the tumour was about 70k.

Her husband said that for him to give her the money, he would rather buy a car And he did. It was the head pastor of the church that paid for the surgery of the fibroid removal.

Normally, anyone who has removed a fibroid is meant to get pregnant, to fill the womb, so the tumour won’t grow again. Aunty g had no one to get her pregnant. Being a strong Christian, didn’t want to commit adultery

Meanwhile, pastor o had left the church (that was before sending her away)… Not to mention the domestic violence, battery and numerous unmentionable ‘punishments’ on aunty g Pastor o had started his church and remarried! She was aware!

My mom advised aunty g to remarry, she said she was scared to love again. She could not trust any man again.. Then she moved to lagos

Then she came to visit, uncle f came and I could clearly see the old sparks of love fly. The atmosphere was filled with love… and sorrow and regrets Uncle f, by the way had 2 daughters then. She was all alone. Then she left This was in Dec 2014

My mom called her just last week and she said she would spend Christmas with us this year. I was happy and kinda angry cus she was always forcing us to arrange our rooms (not that I’m dirty sha, but she was just too neat! She couldn’t behold dirt!)

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Got a call this morning that aunty g is dead. She died on the 1st of December 2017. I had already arranged my room, waiting for her to come and inspect. She died of hypertension She never returned her bride price

Lessons to learn 1. Love someone? say it. Just say it. Whatever happens next won’t kill you 2. When a woman loves, she loves for real 3. Try to move on in life. When life gives you lemons, make lemonades 4. Be patient with your spouse! It’s for better or worse 5. Fear God!

Death has snatched you from us dear aunty. Your beautiful face, your melodious voice, your pure and kind heart. You were too quiet and now you are quiet forever! I will forever miss you! RIP AUNTY GLORIA I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! KARMA IS PREPARING!!!

I just showed my mum this tweet, she said I missed some things! After aunty g’s wedding, pastor o actually lied against uncle f, that made the senior pastor kick uncle f from the church! Pastor o, cut aunty g off from her family including my mom, saying that my mum is bad!

Please, if you’re in a marriage that is separating you from you family, RUN OUT! Its a cage that will suffocate you! If you’re suffering in a marriage, COME OUT, silence is never the best answer in this case! My aunt is now silent forever. Please learn!

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