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Three Women Share How They Became The Breadwinner Of Their Family


None of these women expected to become the breadwinner of their family when they got married to their husbands, but life happened and they had to take on the role especially because of their children.

Although, different situations led them to the same path, they confess it is not an easy job.

Life was good when Chiamaka Eze got married to her husband, who was a chemist, but after he got defrauded, things changed drastically and they had to relocate to the village.

Her husband’s friend invited them to Lagos to start afresh and her husband became a tricycle rider but situation remained the same. Many times, the tricycle broke down and even when they borrow money to repair it, it would not work.

At a point, Chiamaka gave some of the money she made from her corn business to her husband to sell spare parts but the business wasn’t moving. Tired of the situation, she advised her husband to sell the tricycle and put the money in her business.

Then she started selling cooked food and turned the business into a mini restaurant. In no time, the business started booming and she invited her husband to join her instead of sitting idle at home.

Even though being a breadwinner is not easy on Chiamaka, having a supportive husband ia a great encouragement.

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Zainab Sani was a seamstress before she got married to her husband. He was always coming to her shop to profess his love  but despite not liking him enough to marry him, she succumbed to pressure from her family because she wasn’t getting any younger.

After their marriage, she found out her husband was lazy, a drunk and a flirt. In fact, Zainab is scared of leaving her children with him in the house, hence, they spend the rest of the day with her in the shop after school hours.

“I pay the children’s school fees. I pay all the bills. I have a tight daily schedule. I would prepare food before going to the shop,” she said.

Sadly, her relatives has asked her to stay in the marriage irrespective of what she may be going through. She’s overburdened by responsibilities but there seems to be no way out for her.

Mrs Babatunde’s life has not been an easy one. Put in the family way at age 15 by a 24-year old mechanic, her mother in-law made sure they got married and they lived with her for three years and left when they could afford their own apartment.

Mrs Babatunde started selling fresh pepper, a trade she learnt from her mother in-law and business was booming. Unfortunately, after they had their fourth child, her husband was involved in an accident that crippled him and left him with a speech disability.

After the accident, her husband’s family took everything they had and they had to start all over again. Thankfully, business continued to move on well and she is able to train her children. She is also taking care of her husband, though, a tedious task.

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    December 17, 2017 at 6:39 am

    God have mercy

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    Na by force. Is it family that’s living in the situation. Society just keeps enslaving & murdering DVA victims.

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