Tope Oshin’s Documentary ‘Nigeria: Shooting It Like A Woman’ Celebrates Nigerian Women Film Makers


In recent years, many industries are witnessing a shift in gender stereotypes and the movie industry is not left behind.

In the past, women are only seen before the camera, acting roles that have been scripted by their male counterparts, but recently, more women are manning positions behind the camera and they are carving a niche for themselves.

Tope Oshin, an award-winning screen director is one of the women behind the camera and she has been in the industry for many years.

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In her documentary, ‘Nigeria: Shooting it Like A Woman,’ she celebrates other women film-makers who are trailblazers. She explores their unique approach to telling screen stories that better represent women’s lives and aspirations in Nigeria today.

She speaks with Mildred Okwo, director of the political satire, ‘The Meeting,’ Michelle Bello, director of the hit rom-com, ‘Flower Girl,’ Kemi Adetiba, who directed last year’s box office winner, ‘The Wedding Party’ and Remi Vaughan Richards, whose drama, ‘Outspoken,’ cast an intense spotlight on the issue of child brides.

The directors reflect on how women are succeeding in a male-dominated industry despite the failure of the Nigerian parliament to pass the Gender Equality Bill, which would give legal support for equal pay and equal rights.

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1 Comment

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