Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? If You Feel Like A Failure For Not Knowing The Answer To This Question, Then You Need To Read Sola Allyson’s Note


The desire to figure out everything, sometimes, can be a hindrance to our life’s journey. We, as humans, have to understand that life is in process and our race are also different from others.

Are you in a phase where you don’t understand what you want to do? You don’t even know your purspose and you think your friends are better off than you because they have gone ahead.

Then, you need to read Sola Allyson’s note on life’s journey to know that you are in your own time.

She wrote,

So now you’re somehow confused. Or, by faith, you’re not confused but you sha don’t understand the way things are going, so you’re blank sha.

You’ve been asked the question of where you see yourself in a few years, and the answer you gave was just so you don’t appear like you have no ambition. You don’t even know who you are talk less of where you see yourself in a few years. You’re blank.

See, even people who ask you that question had found themselves at this place you are now, at a time. The duration for each person is just the difference, so nothing is wrong with you. Something is wrong. But nothing is wrong with you. You’re in your own “time” ni.

You know what I suggest? That “thing” you’ve found and you have so much passion for, whether you’re sure or not it’s the path for you, keep at it, shebi you’re sha enjoying doing it? Some passion? Keep at it. How you move from this point to “there” is what you don’t know, right?

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Or you are one who has not found anything! You are blank. And when you’re asked that question, you say you just want to be “something” in life. Which something? What? Why? You’re blank. And because you don’t know what answer to give, you think you’re a failure. You think your friends that know theirs are better than you?

Nooo! They’re not better! They are going ahead does not mean you won’t! You’re not running a race with anyone! Run yours. It is better to be slow and steady than to be fast and not!

Keep at it. Read. Study. Learn. Grow. Be useful. Serve. Therein could lie purpose, or it’s fulfilment. Give. Learn principles. Follow them. Get better. Be better. In all ways.

Help shall come. Know that for sure. Help shall come. Help shall come. Keep going. Help shall come along the way. Help shall come. Again I say, help shall come! Ìmólè á tàn! Light will shine.




  1. Gimbiya Ajoa Leecia

    Gimbiya Ajoa Leecia

    December 18, 2017 at 7:39 am

    In 5years to come I Felicia want to be that Humanitarian woman who owns her own foundation for the motherless( at the age of 9 I lost my mum I still have that feelings),👍 I also have this love for poultry farming, so I also see myself owning a big poultry farm house👍. Also my love for fashion and singing will turn me to a fashionista and singer eventually in same 5years to come….. Working towards my goal…..

  2. Greatnessissure@gmail.com'


    April 4, 2018 at 7:28 pm

    Thanks for this advice sola. So happy to read it bc it’s telling me to hang in there. I’m encouraged bc I’m at a alone at a cross road in my life right now. Thanks for reminding me that it’s a phase n thanks for giving me the principles of “read, study, learn, grow, give, serve”. Will continue in faith to do them. God bless you

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