People Say Don’t Flaunt Your Marriage On Social Media In Case It Crashes, But Juliet Mgborukwe-Ojukwu Says She Doesn’t Listen To Them

One of the reasons given for celebrity marriage failure is that celebrities flaunt their lives and marriage on social media but Juliet Mgborukwe-Ojukwu, a Nigerian, US-based entrepreneur does not believe in that.

The mother of two says the ultimate tip to making a marriage work is to marry the right partner.

She wrote,

I hear a lot of people say don’t flaunt your marriage on social media, what if the marriage crashes, fails or what if something goes wrong bla bla bla.. My question is why would I be planning ahead for a failed marriage or why would I be living in fear that something might go wrong in my marriage?

A marriage that won’t work, won’t work PERIOD! If your spouse is a private person and has a problem with you putting up his/her pictures on social media due to a myriad of reasons or if it is causing troubles in your home, please respect his/her boundaries

but if not and you are a gregarious person and is truly happy in your marriage and you love to put up family pictures or flaunt the glory of God in goodness of marriage, please do! flaunt it, celebrate it, cherish it, nurture it, adore it, appreciate it, talk about it so that people will be encouraged that there are still beautiful marriages out there other than the negative things we read everyday about marriages on social media platforms.

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Don’t listen to the negative voice that says ‘Thank God I don’t have his/her pictures on my page, it will be easier to get separated or divorced without the world knowing instead of finding a means to fix the problem and create a happier marriage.

Scratch that Boo! Do what makes u happy, don’t live your life for anyone, infact don’t let anyone marry your marriage for you if english permits that lol. People only understand from their level of perception.

Peradventure the marriage didn’t work #GodForbid ‘SO WHAT!!!!!!! No marriage is perfect. Real people are never perfect and Perfect people are never real. Do you and stop living in fear, you don’t owe anyone an explanation.



  1. Hadiza Hassan Eko

    Hadiza Hassan Eko

    December 18, 2017 at 9:24 am

    I hope you don’t regret it later. Your personal life is yours not for the public. The glory of God in our life’s is to God

  2. Uche Ada Adilue

    Uche Ada Adilue

    December 19, 2017 at 4:33 am

    Yes oo

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