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10 Naija Women Tell Us What They Think About The Woman Who Proposed To A Man Publicly


Last week, the video of a woman proposing to her boyfriend at Ikeja City Mall, Lagos, went viral on the internet. While her boyfriend left her kneeling as he walked out on her, the lady was seen shedding tears.

This started a conversation online with many blaming the lady for making such a move, while some cussed the guy for his actions.

So, we asked some naija women what they thought about the situation and 10 women had this to say.


Women should respect themselves. I don’t understand why women have started proposing to men, it’s wrong..


Some girls get too desperate that they will do anything.  Does she know that men are hunters and as such will want to chase after a lady not the other way round. She should count herself lucky that the guy declined. I can’t imagine the life of having to chase after a man. Women should not cheapen themselves to this extent.


I don’t blame her. God knows how much she has sacrificed for the relationship to work, but I wish she didn’t do it in an open place. I hope she heals on time.


Ladies before you propose, know if you are the woman he wants to marry someday and if he is ready for marriage. If yes, then why hasn’t he proposed? If no, be wise and avoid this fail.


Our problem in this country is that we love to copy everything and when we do it, we do it in a shameful way. I mean some years ago there was nothing like going to public places to exchange rings. I mean why will any sane lady go to a very busy mall to do something as ridiculous as that with a Nigerian man?


Desperation everywhere for marriage, I will never buy this idea of a woman proposing to her boyfriend, its total rubbish and highly unacceptable. I am just ashamed on her behalf.


I really feel for the lady. But I think she shouldn’t have done that. We live in a patriachal society. There are some things that should be left for the man to do, especially as regards marriage. We don’t have to copy everything. Even if she was going to do that, it shouldn’t have been in a public place. She didn’t just embarrass herself, she embarrassed her family too. That’s sad.


I wish she finds happiness, it’s not the end of the world. What she did might not be so African but she is so bold and in love for her to have enough courage to do this.


If the guy had any care or respect for her at all, he would have accepted the ring to save her the embarrassment and then break it off indoors after saying his reason for declining. So sad


It is not everything you see online or TV that you practice. Ladies, don’t ever step out of your role and propose to a man. Understand that if a man wants to marry you, he’ll get on one knee.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chinwe Chidinma

    Chinwe Chidinma

    January 24, 2018 at 9:07 am

    1.A lesson that real life in this clime is NOT telemundo,that a Simba would NOT be singing hakuna matata with Pumba in real life,Simba would eat the latter. 2.A personal lesson for her that the guy she’s with cares nothing for her and she should get to stepping.He could have saved her blushes and declined in private.A lesson that she’s reading the barometer of the relationship wrong wrong wrong.Other than that,just feel sorry for the poor girl🤨.

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