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“From Being a Bimbo That Has Nothing To Say When Others Are Talking To Becoming An Intelligent Well-read Young Woman” – Busayo’s Story Will Inspire You For Days

In an article posted on her blog – ExploreWith Busayo, lifestyle blogger, Adebisi Busayo says a well read woman is a dangerous woman.

How? You may want to know.

“…well she’s dangerous because she has a mind of her own, she knows what she wants and goes for it. She ain’t scared to take risks and stand up to defend herself when the need arises,” she wrote.

Busayo had gone out with some group of friends (both male and female) some three years ago and a lady joined them.

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From normal chit chat; the guys jumped into politics and the lady joined them. They argued about politics and other things and the lady joined in too. Busayo was struck by how this lady could know so much as to contribute in all the conversations the guys were having.

While thinking of what the lady did differently and how she knew a lot, Busayo found out she invested in reading.

“Though I had no interest in politics, business, and sport, I made it my business to be well informed about them… Since then, my relationship with people changed and I can contribute to any discussion. I became more enlightened about so many things. I became more confident in myself,” she said.

From her encounter with that lady, Busayo also found out that most men would choose intelligence over physical appearance. However, that is not to downplay being beautiful.

“Who said you can’t slay and also be well read?”

Reading helps you to have intelligent conversations and also give you more ideas on  tackling issues.

“Anytime I’m stucked on what to write on, I read and that has always helped in a very big way. Reading should always be a culture.”

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Now, Busayo is challenging you to read more and be well enlightened in the coming years

“I challenged myself to read 24 genres of books; i.e. Politics, business, religion, adventures, self help, thrillers etc this year and I’m glad I was able to read even more than that.”

Read her full story on ExploreWith Busayo

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Olorire Ade Akinsola

    Olorire Ade Akinsola

    January 2, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    Love this

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