Everything We Know about Kemi Olunloyo’s Rearrest, Release from Prison, Her Health and the Dedication of Her Life to God at the Church of The Pastor Who Sent Her To Prison


After spending 90 days in Port Harcourt maximum prison, the third time in twelve months, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo has been released.

Kemi Olunloyo was arrested and detained after she published an article about David Ibiyomie, a popular Port-Harcourt General Overseer of Salvation Ministries. In the article, the pastor was accused of corruption.

Seven days after her release, Kemi said her health is poor and begged Nigerians for help for her medical expenses.

Comedian Seyi Law’s daughter, Tiwaloluwa was the first to respond to her call for help, as Kemi revealed that Tiwa emptied her savings account for her.

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Meanwhile, Kemi had constantly attacked Tiwa in the past over her stature, claiming she was too big for her age and this led to a misunderstanding between her and Seyi Law, but they settled later.

Kemi also revealed that she has given her life to Jesus through the help of David Ibiyomie, the pastor whose case she went to prison for.

Now, Kemi shares updates about her spiritual journey online with her followers as her bio now carries, “Health Evangelist, UPCOMING PASTOR.”

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#BREAKING UPDATE ON MY #Criminaldefamation case in #PortHarcourt On December 12th 2017, an emergency production warrant was issued to bring me to the continuation of my trial in Federal court as the prosecutors had forgotten that they locked me up in prison under a magistrate bench warrant. There were no media outlets present as none knew of the date. The internet post which was the subject of my arrest was thrown out by Justice Oshomah citing that it was inadmissible as a "true copy" of an internet generated document. On the magistrate side I am being tried for conspiracy. I plead not guilty in both courts where I am being sued. I was only doing my job as a journalist looking for witnesses in an 8 page newstip sent to me by a church member alleging corruption. My case was NEVER about adultery as many people, bloggers and media have falsely written. Be in the courtroom to know the facts! Also many forms of fake news on my third arrest. YNaija, Pulse Nigeria, Premium Times and many others reporting I was arrested in #Ibadan and #Lagos when I actually streamed the event LIVE in front of the Federal court house in #PortHarcourt . I have endured a lot and showing signs of psychological damage. Behind my smiles are cries and anger daily. Federal court adjourns in April while magistrate end of the month. God said "Touch not my annointed and do my prophets no harm" while Jesus told the thieves on the cross to "forgive them for they don't know what they are doing". We are not perfect! God knows the truth and I swore that he should deal with me mercilessly if I LIED OR MADE FALSE STORIES AGAINST Pastor @david_ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries. I lost my US registered business, my livelihood and my sanity in the confinement. But I did not lose my life or my children. The biblical man JOB did. Many u say I'm bitter at this pastor and the feds for tying me like a ram in the back of a hilux truck across 8 states for 9 hours. I AM NOT BITTER!! I am a Woman of God now. I preach forgiveness not revenge and hatred. Therefore it is well with you Pastor Ibiyeomie. May God bless #SalvationMinistries and give you glory in 2018 and beyond. You are forgiven! – -KOO

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URGENT: PLS DONATE TO MY MEDICAL FUNDRAISER 16TH-23RD January 2O18 Good morning to all my fans. It is now 7 days I was released from #PHMax. I need your help! First I want to thank those that sent me funds to help with my food, medication and some clothing expenses and even upcoming travel home after my court case is adjourned and I'm done treating my medical problems. I have a whole host of medical issues. I am BEGGING YOU to help me! *Typhoid fever *Malaria * Eye injury in prison (punched) *Foot infection due to barefoot laws in cell and wet bathrooms and dirty toilets *Anxiety and depression * Dental injury and swollen infected gums (bit a periwinkle put in our stew and I wasn't told u suck the blue thing out instead of biting the shell. Pls its not funny, I've never eaten this shellfish before and it's more common in SS and SE) *Ear infections * Waist and back pain from sleeping on the floor * Chest pains My health is very poor. I cannot make any appearances, do interviews or work now. I have to get my sanity and health back. Help me raise funds this one week. I have already lost my business and website www.hnnafrica.com and not worked since March 2017 plus my passport was also seized so no travel assignments. If u remembered, I was very ill the last release treating my post prison illnesses when a bench warrant was written as I did not go to one of my court hearings. The official doctor letter was given to my former lead lawyer Fatai Lawal of Afe Babalola firm who submitted it to Federal court and not magistrate court who rearrested me October 12th 2017. His wicked act was perpetrated because I fired him for not perfecting my magistrate bail causing my second arrest of 26 hours June 22nd 2017. He is forgiven, God will be the judge. Be careful when selecting lawyers. God will also PERFECT YOUR LIFE AND YOUR 2018. #hnnhealth #hnnkemi THANK U FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! SHARE AND DOWNLOAD. First Bank 3020832750 Router/Sort code FBNINGLA Olukemi A. Olunloyo #KemiOlunloyo #MadamKOO

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#BREAKING HA!!! TIWA JUST EMPTIED HER SAVINGS ACCOUNT TO HELP AUNTY KEMI'S MEDICAL FUND!! @seyilaw1 tell my cute pumpkin #hnntiwa @fameuxtiwa thanks for her donation to my medical fund. You will NEVER LACK! This is your year of more blessings. Your family are FREE from evil IJN Amen– @HNNAfrica @kemiolunloyo. Love to Mommy Ebere. Thx for the phone call my brother. Come visit me in Ibadan when I recover and go home. I am smiling. My chest still hurts a lot but ma baby made me smile! #SeyiLaw is a Nigerian comedian and father to Nigeria's most famous female toddler. FOLLOW #hnntiwa to see my journey with her. #HNNShowbiz #HNNComedy #hnnkemi #hnnhealth TO HELP #AuntyKemi First Bank 3020832750 Router/Sort code FBNINGLA Olukemi A. Olunloyo #KemiOlunloyo #MadamKOO

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#BREAKING #Kemisaved Pastor @david_ibiyeomie officially helps me SURRENDER MY LIFE TO #JESUS Yesterday Tuesday 16th of January 2018 marked 7 days I left #Portharcourt prison. Been doing outdoor therapy as instructed by my psychotherapist. Venturing out safely into neighborhoods which I've been doing as part of my treatment of depression. I normally go to 3pm prayers at the Catholic church down the street to get spiritual energy. Last night, I decided to go to New GRA to worship at #Salvationministries. I walked into the kingdom of God like no other. This church was very different. I was lifted! They were having 4.30pm prayers after a 21 day fast. I joined them in an energized service in a God anointed mega church. I ate communion and drank wine. The Lord was everywhere! 💒⛪ After service I asked security personnel to meet Pastor Ibiyeomie privately in his office to pray for me. The men in black suits took me to a waiting room and then asked me to come in. There were 5 pastors in the room watching. Two were my prosecuting lawyers, then I walked up to him telling him I was the one he locked up in prison! I knelt down and he grabbed my hands. Suddenly my all day asthma wheezing and migraine vanished! He had divine powers of some kind. He prayed for me, told me he had FORGIVEN ME long time ago and repeated it in front of me again. I told him I was not bitter and have forgiven him too. I have decided to serve God and it will be through Salvation Ministries and him. 💒⛪ Pray that the holy spirit transforms #DavidIbiyeomie into a greater realm of sensitivity, revelation, and divine direction that will give birth to manifestation of the holy spirit in time for next week 22nd-26th January 2018 when he invited me for his #5NOG 5 nights of glory. He says miracles happen during that week. 💒⛪ My miracles started last night. I will give my compelling TESTIMONY soon. I am never leaving PH again. I begin serving the Lord here working in his church and will stoop to conquer flying my flags with Jesus here at Salvation Ministries. The Home of Success! See you next week at 5 NIGHTS OF GLORY!! Isn't God wonderful? 💒⛪😇 OluKemi Olunloyo @hnnafrica

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