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“How Else Can A Woman Be Sure She Is Not The Side-Chic?” Is the Question We Asked After Reading This Story


“How else can a woman be sure that she is the only one her spouse is dating?”

This is a question on the lips of many young ladies after reading the stories of two ladies whose partners got married without their knowledge.

Urging women to be careful, fashion blogger, Aderonke Enoabasi shared the story of her friend, whose boyfriend was getting married and she didn’t know.  

She wrote,

So on my way back from a meeting this morning my cousin showed me a picture of a couple on one of the popular wedding blogs and was like , sister Ronke, is this not Aunty grace friend ( Not real name)

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 And me, I’m like I don’t know her, cuz I was hoping she was referring to the lady and she said no the guy, I said ha I don’t know him and she was like he came around now, to d house I looked at d picture closely and it still didn’t click , ok then I remembered he did came around but I wasn’t home and I never asked to see his picture 

But I flash back to when I came back from traveling and I remember me and the girls gisted and they told me how the guys was so cute and all, Then I looked at d picture again (back to reality) and I told my cousin but this guy is getting married na. My cousin too was shocked 

So I forward d picture to my friend via dm. 2 hours later FAM she called and confirmed it was him. He’s getting married, she doesn’t know at all even till this morning dude was still calling her sweet names via text. I won’t even lie they haven’t had sex but they shared a kiss!

She asked if he was in a relationship, he said NO, getting married, he said No!
She said are you sure you are not married he said No.

 Why I’m I sharing this?
We all need to be very careful. This thing is real we need to ask questions like
Have u been married before
Are u married?
Are u in a relationship
Do you intend to be in one
Are u a day to be married
Are u about to leave a relationship
Or about to enter one

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 LIKE SERIOUSLY? my friend isn’t heartbroken. Shared this with her PERMISSION. off course maybe a little disappointed but she glad she slowed things down cos of her guts feeling!


 Fam! Energy doesn’t lie. Don’t push any single detail away I tell you. In d meantime I’m on my way to my man’s village for my own RESEARCH! I don’t even believe his name anymore 

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