Let The Story Of This Woman Who Just Gave Birth Remind You To Never Marry An Insensitive Man…


“My husband does not believe in it, so he wasn’t there for me. Thank God for my friends,” a woman who suffered post partum depression shared her experience during a discussion on the topic.

While post partum depression can be hard on the women, the most important support should come from their husbands, but sadly, not many men understand what their wife may be going through and some do not even care.

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Sharing the experience of her friend who just put to bed and is suffering from the mood disorder, this twitter user, @MsNemah, explained how her husband verbally abuses her.

She urged single women to be on the lookout for men who put their feelings into consideration before going ahead because nothing is as good as having a supportive partner.

@MsNemah tweeted,

I watched a friend of mine suffer depression during and after her pregnancy. See, there’s a way pregnancy makes women feel ( I don’t totally know because I am yet to experience it) butttt if you want to have children please pick a responsible partner.

Her hormones went off the roof, in her words; “I’m extremely UGLY, I feel tired, I feel useless” her partner compounded her issues. He complained and nagged when she was too tired to do the house chores. He made comments like “ahan ahan you’re now fat o, ha! your nose is big”

IMO, dude verbally abused her. He said things and when the baby came he stopped paying her attention to her he focused on the child and said “her babe, I think you should hit the gym” he said this when I WAS THERE! Asking the wife to be like me… I stopped visiting

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I felt it was unfair and I didn’t want to tell her because I felt getting involved in married peoples wahala is very somehow. She told me the signs were there especially, when she was on period. “Isn’t it just ordinary period woman have and still can go to work” he said.

if you’re in a relationship, watch how your partner is with you! How caring he is when you’re sick, how he is when you’re tired, when you’re on your period, how he is when you look gloomy etc. If he can’t give you simple compliments to brighten you up…. Sis!!! Hmmmm

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