Sade Agboola Sets Up Taxi Company Where All The Drivers Will Be Women And Will Only Have Women And Children As Passengers


To make women feel safe, a Nigerian, London-based woman, Sade Agboola launched a new taxi firm where all the drivers will be women and passengers, women and children.

Sade launched her company, Annisa Cars, after hearing her friends who are mums complain about using public transport or private hire firms for themselves or their children.

“Safety is still a big issue. I don’t feel it has been highlighted as much as much as it should when an offence happens [involving a taxi driver]. It’s not taken seriously enough, women or children should never have to feel unsafe or uncomfortable because of a driver. It happens an awful lot but you never read about it unless you really look and it makes me think it’s being brushed under the carpet.”

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For Sade, setting up her business at the time when Uber is not ready to renew its licence in London was perfect, hoping that many parents will choose her company.

“I know so many friends who are single mums that work full-time across London and don’t feel it is safe for their children to be going to and from school without a guardian in a taxi or on a bus. It may mean they have to cut working hours or get a different job as there is no alternative.”

The company will cater for four parts of the city and hopes to cover the whole of south London by the end of this year. All drivers’ criminal records will be checked and have completed a health and safety course.

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