She Placed Poisoned Fried Meat to Catch Rats, but Sadly Her Twins Ate It…


A Facebook user, Blessing McColumbus is calling the attention of mothers to a situation they may never have thought of.

Sharing the story of how a mother lost her two sons to rat poison, Blessing explained that a woman with kids should not throw any form of rat poison in the house as her children may pick them up and eat.

She wrote,

A friend of mine called me one early morning, sobbing.

She could not talk for a while… I cut d phone for her.. Gave her some minutes and called back.

She got a grip on herself, and told me what happened, briefly.
I told her dat am coming. She asked me if am not going to church…. I asked her of what use is d church, if I don’t get to her on time.

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I finally got to obigbo….. And found her so messed up with tears. I held her and asked her to repeat what she said.

My friend: my dear… As she is trying to dry her nose from sobbing…… My sister came here this morning, banging on my gate, shouting dat I should open up.. I did… Only for her to pounce on me… Crying dat I should bring her children back…

Me: Mmmmmmmm. Were d children with u?

My friend…… Yes. They were brought to Me on Friday… Cos my sister travelled to only God knows where she said, she went to. She does this often…. Whenever she wants to go to somewhere, and will not return same day, she will bring her children to me, until she surfaces.

Me: so?

My friend: she came and picked them on Saturday night. Dropped some onions for me, as a gift, and left with her kids. Two of them.

Me: and where will u fetch her kids again, from? Since she asked u to give her, her kids.

My friend: my sister… See me o! She told me dat they could not wake up again, this morning. Dat I killed her kids… I don’t understand. I have been shaking. These kids were hale and hearty, when she took them. I’ve been afraid to move, but to call u, b4 I get to see what she is talking about. She fought me and tore my clothes, while I stood transfixed, watching her and defending myself.

I love my nephews like no other. Even when she gave birth to them, 9 yrs ago…. D husband travelled back to USA, she also brought them to me, at d age of 4wks old, and disappeared to where she went to…. And came back, 7 days later,nothing happened to d babies. Y would I kill them now they are grown?

Me: let’s go see her.

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She took her bag and left with me. We met crowd already. As she saw us, she attacked us. I held her, and pleaded with her to calm down. Others came and helped me. When they took her away from my friend, I started going thru d house, room by room.

She has fine pics of her hubby, d twins, and herself, on d wall. I kept on looking around, until I sensed something. I came back to her, and asked her if I can ask her something… She vaguely looked at me… I asked her anyway.

Me: ma’am do u apply rat poison?

Everybody turned and looked at me like an alien. She said yes… and y would I ask her dat. I apologized, and told her dat I saw some rats, climbing her kitchen window……..

Oh, she sighed with everybody, and removed her eyes on me.

Me: what do u use as a food trap to d poison?

She turned to me again with anger…

Bereaved woman: what is wrong with u, y are u asking me this?

Me: just wanted to know ma’am, am sorry.

Bereaved woman: I use fried meat biko. Haba!

A man have turned to me with real attention.

Me: did u apply any, when u dropped them off?

Bereaved woman: oooooooooooooo, what is this!

d man dat was looking at me: madame, answer her plz, let’s know if there is something In her questions.

Bereaved woman: I did… now let me b.

Me: is there anyhow you must have noticed if ur sons do some preferring?

she turned to somebody there…. what is she talking about?

Me: I meant, if u have ever ..

My friend: they do……….. all eyes on my friend……….they are my nephew. They Love stealing from my pot, whenever they visit. They are cute kids, but stealing is their hobby.

Me: ma’am, I think ur twins were poisoned.

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she sprang on me… calling me names, including dat am mad. dat God will punish me.

d man dat was looking at me asked her to show him where d rat trap is….. she reluctantly did. He asked her if d recent trap was done with fried meat too, she said yes. He asked her how many, she said 4 or there about. We looked into d space she placed d trap, d meats are gone. Something took it. There should b a dead rat, or rats. Instead, there were two dead bodies of her kids.

She screamed and fainted.

I told d crowd, dat a mother with kids, don’t put rat traps… poisoned or not. cos u have kids, they might get to it first.

Today marked dat incident, 2yrs.

I still repeat myself.

If u long to do rat trap, make sure you are single.

A mother with children, don’t apply rat traps… poisoned or not.

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  1. Anechenenwa Nkonyeasua TLight

    Anechenenwa Nkonyeasua TLight

    January 17, 2018 at 10:40 pm

    Hmmmmmm.what a sad story

  2. Faith Archibong

    Faith Archibong

    January 17, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    Village ppl handwrk



      January 19, 2018 at 7:39 pm

      Even rat glue catches children. ..Hmmm…We’ll try out best and trust God with the rest

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