Woman Shares How She Gave Birth To Twins Twice Without Using Pills Or IVF



Adisa Oyebade Oyetomi is the wife of film maker /CEO, Love Seed Entertainment, Femi Adisa, and the mother of two sets of twins.

The couple celebrated their fourth year wedding anniversary few days ago and Oyetomi decided to answer few questions about their marriage on her Instagram page.

One of the questions she answered was about her two sets of twins and how she juggles her role as a mother and an entrepreneur

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If she took pills or did any medical procedure to have twins

Yes! People have asked me and it’s a little shocking. Before I met my husband, I fell in love with twins and I really wanted identical twins. I may adopt identical twin girls in the

So I prayed for twins, gave to twins or their parents if they are too young and I gave a specific amount as faith seed for my twins every month. If the pastor asked the congregation to ask for one thing in a service, I asked for twins. lol. Looking back, I still do not understand my love and passion for twins. It’s still a major I just love the mystery of two peas in a pod.

Significantly among many prayers I said and seeds I sowed was RCCG, Shiloh Hour, November, 2013. Daddy G.O sat on some chairs and asked that those trusting God for the fruit of the womb should sit on the chairs and pray to God. I did and told my husband. He agreed with me and we said a short prayer. I took in immediately after we got married in 2014 but I did not know until I was 10weeks gone.

I was always dizzy and tired. My husband scolded me for not eating well and said I had low blood sugar. Doctor Femi of God! Lol. He asked me to go for a test so I would know how low and then decide on what to do. Got there and decided to a preggy test.

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October 2014; we welcomed two fresh boys! I did not take pills or do IVF. God did it! And the same God will do it for every one trusting God for a child or set of twins.

On how she strikes a balance
Please, if you know anyone who has mastered their many roles in life and struck a balance; hook me up with them. My older twins are 3 and the younger ones are 1. You can imagine what it means to have four toddlers! Plus I lead a ministry for women, run a cake shop, I’m a wife, have mentees, mentors and all. There are days I just cry! Who send me work?!
What have I learnt? To go with my seasons. I find out recently that I was trying to operate outside my season and do things that are not convenient not because they are wrong but the season isn’t right. I am learning to let opportunities and people go. To hold unto God, family and whatever there is room for.

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Right now, after God; my family is my priority. In due time, I will pick up on the rest. I have also learnt to ask for help. I cannot do it alone! So I ask for help or hire the help.

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Dear Single Lady; My passion for you is deep because I know this phase you are going through can be very tough but I also know every woman is tougher than the toughest situation when she takes a Divine Posture. Tonight as I went through my family pictures; a calm smile spread across my face. I went down the memory lane one more time. I have lost count of many times I go down this lane. I call it my ‘Thanksgiving Trip’ to the past. I remember how I had to keep saying and act ‘NO’ till I met my husband. I remember the many judgements I received from my loved ones and well wishers. I heard too many of ‘You can work on him’, ‘Oga, what else are you looking for? He has a job and a car’, ‘Tomi, a woman’s night comes quickly’ ; and so many more. One of my major concerns as I approached 30 was babies. I was not worried about my fertility; I was worried my child would still be in school in my late 50 or at 60. I did not want that; lol. One day, on my way back home from the office I had a chat with the Holy Spirit. ‘Who exactly are you keeping me for gan?’, ‘What is it now?’, ‘So, I will still be paying school fees at 60 abi?’. At that time, I had a ‘toaster’ I really wanted to be with. I did not like his height but every other seemed OK. So, I ranted and went to bed angrily. At about 2am or thereabout; I woke up to use the bathroom and as I stepped into my room to go back to bed; I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. He was right there; sitting on my bed. I went from sleepy to wide awake! Then He said to me what became my anchor and strength. This is what He said ‘Why are you impatient? Have you brought yourself this far? Who gives the fruit of the womb? What if you marry at 24 and never have a child till you are 35? What if you have the child and he seems slow in life? What if you marry today and lose your husband tomorrow? What exactly can you make happen? You have always prayed for special children. Don’t you know that a child of destiny must come at a set time and not your time?! Have I failed in loving you?’ I felt rebuked, assured and loved at the same time. I went back to bed renewed, empowered to wait , ready to fulfil purpose and relieved.

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