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8 Naija Women Share Their Thoughts On Adoption


Adoption is not an African culture. In fact, religiously, if a woman adopts, it may mean that she has given up her faith in God that she would have her own children.

However, with education and more understanding, some people are beginning to see that adoption isn’t a bad idea after all.

So, we asked some naija women what they think about adoption and if its something they may consider.

8 Naija women share their thoughts


Yes, I will. There are many children that would be better off in the society and be part of the solution the society needs but they don’t seem to be relevant because of the situation they find themselves (talking about parental care, the environment they are: foster homes or orphanages, inability to get the basic things needed in life and co).


It’s a decision couples would have to take together. Knowing how many children are orphaned and vulnerable. I can adopt children according to my means. It will mean that my spouse feels the same.


Adoption isn’t a bad thing but you have to pray very well to chose rightly like you are choosing a husband.


Adoption isn’t a bad idea. What one should worry about is the age of the child to be adopted. For me, it’s better done at infancy or highest at age 4. Because if he’s of age to know you’re not his real parent, it may be difficult to discipline him. By the time you’re spanking and scolding him, he might think it’s because you’re not his real parent and take to his heels.


It’s not bad at all as long as one is able to play the role of the perfect parent. It helps to heal the land. Adopt as many as possible if you have the resources and got your heart enlarged.


Personally, I see nothing wrong with adopting children even after having my own biological children, and wouldn’t hesitate to take that step if I have the backing of my spouse. What most people don’t know is that it doesn’t necessarily follows that such children have to live under their roofs, as they could do what I call adoption by proxy, where the child still lives with his/her parent and you would be responsible for every of his/her needs as your resources could carry you. This is one area I intend to explore in the nearest future with the approval and support of my spouse.


It’s not a bad idea! Yes I’d consider it if I have no kids in life. Even though I would feel that it’s not my real blood but I’d treat and love him or her as my own and you know it’s good for the child too.


Adoption of a child is spiritual. One must be led of God to do so and the child must be raised in line with God’s will and not to be treated as a slave.


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