All The Things People Didn’t Tell This Mother Of Three About Pregnancy And Childbirth


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Getting pregnant is one of the most amazing things to happen to women who want it but not all these women know what to expect while pregnant.

Even though they have heard stories, read books and have been briefed by their doctors, they are still shocked at some things that go on in their body.

While being pregnant is a wonderful thing, it also carries with it, its own stress that many would wish they were left alone.

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Thankfully, women are beginning to talk about the uninteresting parts of pregnancy and childbirth, which is important to help pregnant women get the necessary support needed at this time.

Ijeoma Ogwuegbu Udum, a writer and a mom of three, shares what people don’t tell you tell you about pregnancy and childbirth, using her experience as an example.

She tweeted,

A thread about the things #theydonttellyouaboutpregnancy and childbirth. Bear in mind that this from my experience bearing 3 children. Morning Sickness is Actually All Day Sickness. I was sick almost everyday during my first pregnancy. Everyday.

I was so sick I couldn’t leave the house most days. Not to talk of working. Throwing up. And so weak I could barely move. I was practically bedridden.

while all this was happening, my body was changing. In some ways I expected, and in some ways that were shocking.

the worst part of all my pregnancies was the bad taste in my mouth. Jesus. I can’t describe how awful it was. Because it meant that I always had to have something in my mouth to counteract it. Or else I would throw up.

some days, just waking up and tasting that bitterness would make me burst into tears. My depression was front and centre during my last pregnancy because of it. I don’t know how I survived honestly.

your body is like an alien entity. It feels like it’s fighting against you most of the time. It rejects all the things you need for self-care when you’re pregnant.

pregnancy can also be very isolating. Because you’re so sick and you’re never sure WHEN you’re going to be sick, you don’t want to spend time with anyone. But then you feel isolated because you WANT to talk to other human beings.

the things that are happening to your body, while awe-inspiring, can also be extremely exhausting. Skin stretching, muscles loosening in ways that hurt… At some point during my 3rd pregnancy, I had to walk around with a walking stick.

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Because the muscles in my knees, hips and thighs had softened so much that they couldn’t carry my body without setting my nerves on fire. So I needed a walking stick to even get out of bed. Same happened to @AfricanCeleb

the heartburn. Oh lawd. If you eat too little, the acids in your stomach get over-excited and give you heartburn. If you eat too much, the acids in your stomach get over-excited and give you heartburn.

everyone feels they have a right to your body when you’re pregnant. From complete strangers to medical personnel. Your body is fair game, a place to settle scores with each other.

1st pregnancy: while in labour, heard nurse1 complaining to nurse2 that doc doesn’t let her take deliveries alone, like she used to in previous hosp. He left and told her to let him know when I’m fully dilated, so he cud take delivery. She didn’t.

she rushes me through delivery, so she can brag to doc that she did it alone. I end up with massive tears that take months to heal. Never the same since then.

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