Before You Tell People That You Know What They Are Going Through, Read These Words From Lizzy Oke


Lizzy Oke, a lifestyle vlogger had an accident that affected her spinal cord and left her on a wheel chair till date. As much as she has adjusted well to her situation, she’s quite unhappy at people’s attitude when they see her.

While some think her situation is because of her sins, some think it is a spiritual illness. Alarmed at such conclusion, Lizzy is out to educate people on what spinal cord injury is, and also ‘minding their business.’

She tweeted,

#SpinalCordInjury isn’t just about using a wheelchair and not being able to walk. So please stop telling people with SCI that you know what they’re “going through” because you too broke an ankle and had to use a wheelchair for 4 weeks.

I generally don’t say much to people who make these comments to me because I just smile and keep it moving. But on days when I feel like educating people, I engage them for a bit. I think it’s time to start speaking on this publicly. Let’s see what I can do with Twitter. #SCI

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While I’m not one for pity and I love to share the narrative that people with #SpinalCordInjury can live a fun and fulfilled life, it irks me when people make uninformed conclusions about my diagnosis. “She can’t walk so let’s talk to her like she’s deaf too”.

Or when people assume that #SpinalCordInjury is some form of spiritual illness that came about as a result of my disobedience to God. “If only you ask for forgiveness and have faith as little as a mustard seed”. Ma’am? Sir? Stahpp eet!

Being Nigerian and Christian, I’ve had to ask God for help more times than I can count not to go off on his children and “my elders”. I’ll stop here for today, because I don’t want my message to get lost in translation. #SpinalCordinjury awareness.

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1 Comment

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