How Adebola’s Work At Amazon Is Positively Affecting The Next Generation Of Leaders


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Amazon, an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company publishes some of their staff’s profiles, they are described as Amazon pioneers and we are happy to know a Nigerian woman is one of them.

Adebola is a Senior Program Manager at Amazon in Florida and is responsible for training leaders about how to create a diverse workforce by learning, engaging, and motivating their teams.

Below is her profile as published on;

Adebola comes to work every day knowing that her efforts will make a positive impact on someone’s life. Whether she attends career events to share incredible opportunities at Amazon with students, or assists new hires by introducing them to Amazon communities that can support and assist their careers, she is excited to “develop internal and external communities at Amazon to support our diverse employee base.”

The reason I am here, she says, is to embrace the “responsibility of training leaders about how to create a diverse workforce by learning, engaging, and motivating their teams.” She is passionate about helping leaders “become positive influences in their roles.” She also strives to create access, opportunities, and a diverse and inclusive work environment for everyone.

When asked about her team, she replies, “They are very smart, fun, creative and amazing people who are ready to help and genuinely care for each other. They are moms, dads, yoga masters, foodies, travelers, gamers, fashionistas, hikers, writers, etc. We challenge, enrich and engage each other in a positive way.” One of her favorite things, she adds, “is getting to work each day knowing I have these amazing individuals who challenge me to be the best that I can be.”

Originally from Nigeria, Adebola is “adventurous and eager to learn about new things, people, cultures and experiences.” She is not afraid to take on new projects or create the next innovative idea and set insurmountable goals such as climbing on Mt. Rainer until she saw snow for the first time.

Outside of Amazon, Adebola is a wedding singer. “I especially enjoy performing the song “At Last”” as the new bride and groom share their vows and begin a new life together.” She is also the mother of two boys. “Most evenings and weekends, you will find me on basketball courts and soccer fields getting super excited and screaming and yelling a lot. I yell even louder when my children score a goal.”



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