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“I Got Lucky…Twice, And I’m Grateful For That” – Alli Tomi Abeeda On Detecting And Treating Fibroadenoma

One of the symptoms of breast cancer is a lump in the breast. While many lumps are not cancerous, women are advised to see a doctor as soon as they notice a change.

According to Mayo Clinic, fibroadenomas are solid, noncancerous breast lumps that occur most often in women between the ages of 15 and 35. While it is not life-threatening, a fibroadenoma may still require treatment.

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When Alli Tomi Abeeda noticed she had lumps in her right breast, she saw the doctor who told the lumps were non-cancerous but was removed.

Years later, they reoccurred in both breasts and when she saw the doctor, she was told that she would have to be chacked from time to time. Now, she is urging women to always get themselves checked to prevent having breast cancer.

She wrote,

Hello everyone.i need to share something with you. 4years ago, I discovered lumps in my right breast but I was scared so I kept mute for close to a year before finally opening up to my mum(who panicked like crazy and dragged me to the hospital).my fears turned out to be was ‘fibroadenoma’.

I was operated and 6lumps were removed,and I was fine.Recently,I started feeling lumps in both breasts,and as usual I got scared so I shut up until today.i just woke up and decided that I’ll get checked.So I went to the hospital and boom ‘fibroadenoma’ again. 3 lumps in my right breast (the one that was operated before and one in my left breast).

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The doctor said there is no obvious cause, it’s just my body, and because this is the second time, after the operation,he’ll observe the lumps so that he can know if it’s serious or not,and that it’ll probably stop recurring when I start breastfeeding.So please,check your breasts as often as possible.If you’re not sure,then go see a doctor,because if not,it’ll probably develop into cancer. I got lucky…twice,and I’m grateful for that.


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