“If You Haven’t Taken Any Shortcut, DO NOT!” – Sola Allyson’s Note On Faith Will Inspire You Not To Give Up


Keeping faith when things are difficult can be hard. It is harder when your mistakes make you think you are far from grace and can’t get it right again. But these words from singer Sola Allyson is what you need to look at the brighter side of life.

She wrote,

If I told you that all things are working together for your ultimate good, would you believe me? Would you believe also when I say you’ll be able to connect the dots together very soon, looking back?

Yes, believe me, all things are working together for your good. You’ll be able to understand it fully. Soon.

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I used to think it was only Sarah that laughed when the Visitors told her Husband they would have the promised Baby. But I stumbled on the scripture recently where Abraham himself laughed!!! The Man himself! The one who was the man of faith! The Man who was hearing the promises! He laughed, of course in derision of the Promise!

He was weary. Tired of waiting. He was not sure anymore. He appeared put together and in charge on the outside but weak inside. He was in doubt. They were in doubt. They didn’t believe anymore. They even took a shortcut. An easy but bad one. A baby came, but was not The Baby. It caused a lot of heartache and great havoc eventually.

I am sure they owned their mistakes, cried and felt really bad, and must have sought for forgiveness and returned to living according to The Promiser’s way. And you and I know they got The Baby! And Sarah laughed thereafter, in thanksgiving, as people laughed with her. Abraham and Sarah. They laughed!!!

You’re in doubt now. You’re not sure. You can’t even see anything. These Poeple sef, what are they preaching? What have they seen? You’re even angry with them sometimes because of their audacity in implying that maybe you don’t have faith is why things are like this. I know. I get it. Totally.

You’ve taken shortcuts even. You are regretting it. Badly. Ok.

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But, believe me, you’ll soon join them People to declare that faith in GOD brings rewards! They know what they say! It remains a little while. Things will change. Your time is coming! It’ll manifest. As long as you walk ye in the way, on the path, ìlérí á se! Even in your mistakes, the dots are still going to connect.

If you haven’t taken any shortcut, DO NOT! The pain for you, yourself, is better imagined. But if you have done that, know that The Promiser is full of mercy and Able to bring to pass the Promise.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Vera Matt Vera

    Vera Matt Vera

    February 7, 2018 at 6:02 am

    Amen i believe and wait to see the manifestation of God

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