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Just When Betty Irabor Needed A Miracle To Succeed, This Twist In The Tale Came Along!


Still in the mood of celebrating 15 years of publishing Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor shares an interesting story on courage. There is so much to learn from this amazing woman.

She wrote,

“Courage is stepping out into uncharted territories not knowing what your chances of success are.” Betty Irabor

That morning 15 years ago remains fresh on my mind. I said to myself “I would like to publish a lifestyle magazine. The WHAT, HOW, WHEN had no clarity. Goals were not set, vision was rather blurred but the passion was too strong to be tamed. I had no template (The only template I had was in my head)

Didn’t appreciate my own strength and courage. My fears were valid. I had only 5 yrs experience as a journalist. What if I became another failed magazine publisher, one more for the Statistics of dead on arrival publications? Why didn’t I do this in my 30s, why now at 46 with middle age crisis looming?

I needed a Miracle to succeed.
And here’s the twist in the tale!

In 1986, 2 years after my marriage my husband was sponsored on a visitors exchange prog by the then United State Information Service. My baby son and I went along. My husband left us in DC while he visited nearly 17 states as part of the prog. On his return to DC he presented me with a book on publishing. The book title was THE MAGAZINE .. everything u need to know about publishing.

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The author was a certain Prof Leo Morgel. (who? Exactly!) He was so excited abt his gift to me but I wondered why such a book. I wasn’t even a journalist then.
When in 2003 the urge to publish Genevieve engulfed me and with no mentors to be found, I turned to THE MAGAZINE!! It was unbelievable that everything I needed to start my magazine was in that book. It became my publishing bible.

Everything I needed to know about.. funding, content, layout and design, fonts, marketing and advertising, subscription, print run, circulation, hiring an editor and designing a template came from that book. Coincidence? The prognosis on publishing from the book was scary.

Magazines were said to have one of the highest fatality and mortality rates ever!!
I debated whether to ride or die the matter & face my booming biz in corporate promotions but my passion fueled my courage to close my eyes and jump. It is that passion that has seen me thru many travails. Can’t tell u how often I quit and unquit but here we are 15 yrs on.

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1 Comment

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