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No More Surgeries! – Omotayo Akinsanmi Shared How She Was Healed From Incisional Hernia


“Pastor, you have to pick one now. Your wife or the child?” the doctor told pastor Olukunle Akinsanmi.

Fortunately, his friend, who is also a pastor was around when the doctor relayed his message. Rejecting the message, they went out and prayed, telling God they wanted both the mother and the baby.

Few minutes later, they received a good news. Both mother and son are fine.

That was in 2003 when Omotayo Akinsanmi, a civil servant, pastor and singer had her first child through cesaerean operation and that was the beginning of her health challenges.

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In 2006, she had her second child through CS and it was the same thing with her third child in 2013. However, she wasn’t bothered because she knew she was done with childbirth.

But one day in 2015, she noticed a swelling on her stomach and when she went to the hospital, she was told that she had incisional hernia.

According to the British Hernia Centre, an Incisional Hernia occurs through a previously made incision in the abdominal wall, i.e. the scar left from a previous surgical operation. The incision will have been made in order to get to an internal organ such as the appendix, or a caesarian section.

Omotayo was told by her doctor that there was a problem with the first CS carried out on her in 2003 when she had her first child. Two surgeries were done to correct the anomaly and it seemed fine.

Few months after, she was going for bible study one day and was changing into proper clothes when she noticed another swelling in the same area in her stomach. This time, it was bigger.

She showed a friend who is a nurse and she confirmed it was another incisional hernia. Again? She thought.

Her doctor confirmed it and told her to prepare for another surgery. She told her husband and he had started looking for money but Omotayo said she was not ready to be cut open again.

According to her, something told her she would lose her life if she went for another surgery.  Whilst thinking about her children, her ministry and her life generally,

“Is this how you bring people to a particular level and dump them,” Omotayo asked God, crying. “Will this be the end of me? what will happen to my children? Can anybody take care of my children the way I will?”

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These questions were a major concern to her and they also served as a push she needed to stand up in faith and prayed. Omotayo told her to talk to his friends so that they would join them in prayer.

They were in the Redeemed Christian Church of God camp one day and pastor Enoch Adeboye prayed for her. holding on to her healing with faith, Omotayo kept praising God and soon forgot about her predicament.

“I didn’t even bother to check it again because I made up my mind, no more surgery. Three weeks after she was prayed for, she noticed the swellings were reducing and it did everyday. Two weeks after, the swellings had disappeared. Infact, there was no traces of it on my stomach aagain. After the divine encounter, the same set of people that told me that I had to go for operation said there was no need for any again,” Omotayo told INSPAYA TV.

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