Peace Hyde On Finding Purpose And Aiming Higher


Born and raised in the UK by Ghanaian parents, media entrepreneur, Peace Hyde always had her home country in her mind and determined to go there one day.

In 2012, she relocated to Ghana and was shocked at seeing kids fending for themselves by carrying heavy loads. Confused at why they are not in school, Peace decided to tutor the kids at anywhere they find comfortable to use.

So, her charity, Aim Higher Africa started on a staircase, where she sits with the kids and teach them.

“What I loved about the journey of creating and building the initial stages of Aim Higher was because it was driven by genuine passion and purpose. I felt that I have stumbled on my purpose in life. I felt that all I was doing in my classroom was that I was teaching quite comfortable kids about things that wouldn’t really directly impact them in their everyday life. whereas, in Africa, I thought that I found the environment that could give children a actual future,” Peace said, talking about finding purpose.

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She also created the opportunity of mentorship meetings which happens at random locations. She gets a group of young people together and have frank conversations with them about life and everything that matters.

While helping others to achieve their dreams, Peace pursued her own too. As someone who loves the creative industry, Peace started freelancing for media houses and when the opportunity to be the West African correspondent came up, she grabbed it.

Hosting Forbes Flagship programme, like My Worst Day and interviewing some of the continent’s biggest names is a huge success for Peace.

Even though Peace is one of the successful media personalities in Ghana, she still cares about people who haven’t made and never stop visiting people at the grassroot.

“My advice to young women is always tell your story, don’t be defined by who people say you are or by the environment you’re in or by what your friends say or what people think you’re like. Whatever it is you choose to be, write your own story and do it because you’re good enough,” She tells CNN.

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