Sola Allyson Speaks On Those Who Build Their Lives On Generational Old Sayings That Are Untrue


Over time, some perceptions about women have continued from one generation to another but gospel singer, Sola Allyson is giving men some food for thoughts about women.

What do you think? Do you agree with her?

She wrote,

We shouldn’t do life based on assumptions. There are some old sayings that are not very wise on which generations have built their lives on. Some people in the past spoke out of their OWN experiences mostly negative, maybe because of their own sincere mistakes, uncultivated weaknesses and frailties with sheer bitterness. They could then have been in influential positions, which made their words “on marble” and those words were made into tradition.

These unchecked “traditions” have failed us! Lives built on them are sure to crumble and be unsuccessful! And major reasons why our society is like this! One of them is “owo l’obinrin mo”, meaning “it is money that women know/consider”. Young man, wake up! It is not just money o.

Money is important to EVERYBODY, man, woman! It’s only when you don’t have anything to offer that you psyche yourself with that! The girl you want to be and do life with is unique in her own way. She’s not your Mum.

Don’t assume that because you have a Mum and many Sisters, you are a master of women psychology! Every woman is unique. You are unique. She is unique. Every human being is.

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Don’t plan to do marriage or life the way your parents did. They could have been managing some things you didn’t see, that they hid from you! We must all strive to be better than our parents and improve!
Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

We are repeating the mistakes in history because we are lazy to check these things and rewrite them! Especially when it comes to MARRIAGE. We assume it’s like this or that. No, it’s not. The dynamics are different!

A woman can be satisfied. How many women do you know sef that you this young man are saying women cannot be satisfied??? Is it not because you’d been hearing the Babas saying it and you yourself are lazy to think it through?
Have you heard about love languages? Go and check. Google it. Don’t be lazy.

Study to show yourself approved, in every way, including your relationship/marriage. It’s not “insignificant” to “study” about WOMEN matters!
Know what SHE wants. You’ll see a difference. That’s when you too will be happy and fulfilled. You’ll see the difference, believe me. Ask RESPONSIBLE older men.

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