The One Thing Omawumi Learned About Motherhood From Her Counseling Sessions With Domestic Violence Victim


Even though she just released an album, singer Omawumi’s presence is not felt so strongly in the music space as she used to. Admitting that its been because of motherhood, Omawumi says she would love to be there with her children especially now that children are susceptible to all forms of abuse.

She said,

Its just finding the balance. You have to be there, especially at this growing stages as much as we know that we need to be busy. Because of the work that I have been doing behind the scenes with skills acquisition and counselling domestic violence victim, you get to hear conversations of abuse that runs from when they were children and then I just feel like I need to be part of my family’s life, so, I find a way to make sure that I do that and have time to come back and do school runs, have time to sit down and say, ‘show me your assignment lets do it together,’ have family time, still have time to go into the studio and do midnight session. Its fun if you love doing what you’re doing.

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On sexual harrassment

Definitely, it happens. I think it’s a conversation that we should start if people have experienced this sort of things. They should come out and say it but its pitiful that in Nigeria, nobody will come out. You’ll see very few people that will come out and say that I’ve been sexually harassed especially if the alleged perpetrator is  a big man.

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