“Wake Up, Don’t Be On Social Media Buying Data To Be Following Celebrities And Knowing What They Wore Last Night, That’s Not Your Business” – Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Has Some Strong Words For Young Nigerians


Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde celebrated her 40th birthday recently and as part of the event, she took a trip to slave trade centre in Badagry, where she urged young people about freeing themselves from slavery.

While addressing the young people that went with her to the centre, the actress reiterated the reason slave trade was abolished, noting that it was because the blacks were no longer needed.

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She explained that even after then, slave trade never stopped because people were mentally enslaved.

She said,

So, the main end to slavery as we know it today, actually happened because we became useless to them. And that is to sink in, because there was an industrial revolution which is still mental for them. So, they continued to develop themselves while we continue to think that we could not develop.

We did not change the revolution or alter the time, it was because we were no longer needed and till today, the black man continues to suffer this fate, not necessarily in the hands of the white man but in the hands of ourselves.

Stop getting angry with the Freezes of this world. They are not your problem, they are trying to help you.

It might be wrong what he’s saying, you may not agree with what he’s saying, but you must agree with the spirit of which he is saying it. You need to wake up. You need to wake up Black people.

You need to wake up because nobody is going to hand it over to you. The slave masters never handed it over to you, so whatever your master is today, he’s not going to hand you freedom. Freedom is not coming to you on a platter of gold.

You are going to have to wake up and stop being trivial. And stop talking about whether I like this person, or I don’t like how he’s delivering it, or I don’t like his face or is he wearing Gucci belt.

We need to stop about fashion. Fashion is good. We all want to look good but at this point in our life, fashion is not important. Let the people who have conquered everything else talk about fashion. Fashion is not our problem right now. We have bigger things as our problems.

Young people wake up, don’t be on social media buying data to be insulting celebrities. Or to be following celebrities and knowing what they wore last night, that’s not your business.

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How many of these big labels anywhere are owned by Africans or Black people? Tomorrow you’re wearing Ferragamo, next tomorrow you’re wearing Gucci or you’re using your Facebook or Instagram or whatever. They’re all made by who?” the actress asked and her audience replied, “Whites.”

And you need to stop blaming them. I always say, they are smarter. They were smarter. Is that up to you to decide if today they will remain smarter?

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