Black Panther Star, Letitia Wright Once Wanted To Quit Acting but God Told Her to Go Back To It for a Reason



Whilst comparing herself with others in her industry, she lost her peace of mind and was ready to give it up as she slipped into depression. She was introduced to Christ and not only did she find peace, God asked her to go back to her career because she would be helping people with the same experience as hers.

Not long after, Letitia Wright, Guyanese-born, British actress was cast in the biggest Hollywood film of this year, Black Panther; something she sees as God’s confirmation to his word to her.

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The movie, Black Panther has received wide acceptance from many people, including critics, who considers it as one of the best. And Letitia’s role as the princess of Wakanda, who heads the technology ministry, changed the narrative of a spoilt princess to one that has something to offer her society.

Her role is also challenging young black women to rise and take their positions in whatever industries they find themselves. But who would have thought that the actress was at the brim of leaving her career because of depression.

She shares her story with PlayerFM

She said,

That was a big moment for me because I didn’t want to do acting again. I was in a very bad place and the reason why I shared the story is because I know that there are people out there who are silently going through what I wnet through and didn’t really speak to anyone about it. It’s like a thing that goes on especially with creatives, putting so much pressure on ourselves and it leads to depression.

I share my story not to keep talking about it, its like, literally, I don’t know who it can help but if one person can be able to find a way out of that because that stuff is dark, so, I was willing to wrap it up. I put so much pressure on myself.

I would watch these women that I’m on the cover with and compare myself to them or anybody. It could be Michael B. Jordan, John Boyega—comparing myself to these people before I became a christian and it was hard for me to just accept that my path is different, and not only with acting but other things too.

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And then when I said I wanted to give it up and then becoming a christian. My friends told me about [Christianity] and I thought it was nonsense until I realized that it wasn’t; that the spirit of God, the holy spirit, is very real and I embraced that. I felt cool, this is amazing and I felt centered. Then God hit me with the bombshell that no, you’re going back into it and this is your gift and this is your calling and this is how you’re gonna be able to help others as well.

The light that’s in me now and the joy and the happiness that I feel, I didn’t get it on my own. It’s literally God that is working through me.

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