For The Women Entrepreneurs Who Have To Deal With People Who Want Their Services For Free Or For Less Than It Is Worth…


One of the ways entrepreneurs draw the attention of clients is by giving discounts especially when sales is slow. While that is not bad, style influencer and blogger, Ronke Enoabasi has an issue with unnecessary discounts.

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Urging her fellow entrepreneurs to stop devaluing themselves and products for sales, Ronke said such attitude may allow poverty and stagnancy in business.

She wrote,

From the beginning of this year I told myself I wasn’t gonna shoot myself on the feet by giving unnecessary discounts, if you need my services pls pay for it, I know my worth and how much hard work And creativity I put into my craft and I deserve to see the proceeds and enjoy it.

I told God, Daddy bring clients only that appreciate my work and are willing to pay me what I am worth because this year your daughter isn’t doing substandard, I am growing so is My Responsibilities . And if I don’t acknowledge that I will fail.

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so this for you all entrepreneurs , protect your craft, protect your person , protect your integrity, you might be broke today but you won’t always be, don’t let hunger decide to you what you are worth, the moment you charge less than you are worth, you will end up working like an elephant and eating like an ant, because these clients will get use to it and it will be hard to step up your prices.

it is better to have 3 clients who pay you premium Regularly than 10 clients who pay you cheap and wouldn’t even pay on time, and did I forget to mention that the cheap jobs are always the HARDEST and most FRUSTRATING??? ! Never be afraid to put a Reasonable price tag if you truly know your Craft



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