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From Nothing To Better Things! Let Mama Chi’s Story Inspire You To Keep Moving


A twitter user, @manmustwack shared the story of a woman in his area, who built her business from nothing to building a house and being able to send her children to school.

The story is to encourage women not to entertain self-pity during difficult times.

@manmustwack tweeted,

Let me tell you people an inspiring story and why anything is possible if you are serious.

About 10 or 9 years ago there was a husband and wife in our area in Okoko, husband hustled in Alaba, had a shop but all of a sudden shit went sideways, with 2 kids and an infant they went completely broke, couldn’t pay rent.

A year of defaulting on house rent payment and landlord decided he couldn’t take it anymore and removed the roof of their apartment.

I forgot to mention their first child’s name is “Chi”, so mama and papa chi lived in that house for 4 months without roof. During that time Mama Chi started selling beer. She didn’t have a shop or anything, she bought 8 plastic chairs and 2 tables

This woman started with selling 1 crate of beer, I know because I was one of her first customers. 1 crate of beer and she had no fridge, she was lucky to find a nearby local chemist who allowed her to store her drinks. 1 crate.

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That crate was star, if you wanted heineken or gulder there was a nearby shop she ordered from. She kept going.

A few months after they managed to rent a shop, that shop doubled as their house, they moved from the apartment without a roof. This woman added cat fish pepper soup and a few more crates.

I watched that business grow steadily for about a year until I moved out of the area. Now, 10 years later imagine my shock when I went back to that spot and I could not believe what my eyes saw.

Mama Chi has over 15 servers, Papa Chi na him be manager now. This place has become a full blown disco. This woman was so excited to see me and kept saying I should bring my old friends to come and enjoy free of charge.

Mama Chi told me they have built a house in Lagos and Chi don dey ready to enter university

Listen! I picked 2 lessons from this. 1. Keep moving no room for self pity. 2. Women ARE STRONG. You doubt me see widows.

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