Need Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Kids? Bisola’s Secret Will Definitely Make Your Day


Do you get frustrated trying to come up with fast and nutritious breakfast for your child every morning? Working class mum, Bisola, shares the story of how she overcame breakfast hurdles with her child and how it took him from an average student to an A-student.


Are you a working class mum? Do you get frustrated trying to come up with nutritious but fast breakfast for your child in the morning? Working class mum, Bisola gives tips on how she overcame breakfast hurdles in her home.

She said:

“My 9 year old is a picky eater. I cook in bulk once a week so I don’t have to worry about coming home to make lunch or dinner. But you see the problem here is breakfast. I’m not a morning person and having to wake up early after coming back late at night to make breakfast is a real struggle.

I used to pack up sandwiches, Ogi and Akara and cereals on school days for my son, but he got tired of eating them and would complain about the Ogi clogging up when it was time to eat. As for sandwiches, he always wants something different in it every time, which will need me to stop at the market on my way home. More stress.

I learned about Golden Morn’s new all family cereal which contains an ingredient called Grain Smart. Grain Smart is a special ingredient that provides all the mental and physical energy a child needs for handling tasks in the day, especially in the morning. Of course, I was interested.

The idea behind buying a box of Golden Morn Puffs was to add another breakfast option for my son so he could stop being picky. But something interesting happened since I introduced Puffs to his menu. His class teacher called me recently to find out what activities I engage him in when he’s at home, claiming that he’s becoming very energetic at school and is taking interest in answering questions in class.

I became curious. I asked him if he was making new friends or if he had new subject teachers but he told me nothing had changed. Alas, it seems God answers prayer.

I was cleaning up the kitchen one Sunday when I noticed something peculiar on the box of Golden Morn Puffs. See below.

I started to wonder if it was the box of Golden Morn Puffs that was the change! So all my son needed was a change of food?

It was at that point I started going through the box to see all the components of the product. Apparently, Golden Morn Puffs is a multigrain cereal which includes Maize, Millet, Oats and Soya.

As for me and my son, it shall be Golden Morn Puffs. LOL. Yes, I bought a box for myself. Promotion season is around the corner!”


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Doris Anyanwu

    Doris Anyanwu

    March 14, 2018 at 11:52 am

    But I’ve not seen this box type of Golden morn before

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