The Beautiful Story Behind Kechi Okwuchi’s Journey to AGT and What She Has Learned From It All


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Last year, Kechi Okwuchi brought the world to tears with her amazing performances on America’s Got Talent show. Recently, she was a guest on Linda Ikeji’s TV and she revealed the impact of the plane crash on her life, how she got on the American’s Got Talent show, being a role model to others and many more.

On how she got to the ATG show

I was honestly just living the student life when that whole thing happened. I was in the middle of getting my MBA (I’m still am), but that was the main thing in my life at that time and I was working part time too. So, I had this path that I was getting on, I was trying to get into corporate America, so that was where all my focus was.

Singing has always been a big part of my life before and after the accident, in fact, while I was in the coma, I remember hearing my favourite songs playing. It has just been part of my therapy. My mum was playing them by my bed throughout the time that I was in coma. So, after the accident and my voice suddenly got better, it became a thing that I did all the time. I started singing in church which was like a huge step forward for me already so I was fine.

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But I have a friend who was always telling me to join one of these shows to go and contest. So, she was always telling me to do something with it. but I didn’t  think that my voice was that good enough. So, it was that same friend that applied for me. She submitted an online application on my behalf and then put an email address so she could get the information if there would be anyone calling.

One morning in November 2016, I got a phone call and it was from a lady called Destiny from America’s Got Talent and I remember thinking it was a prank call. A couple of hours later, I called the number back to confirm if it was actually for real. And that was how everything started. It was because of that move my friend made and then before I knew it, they were calling me because you audition for the audition as well.

Honestly, the fact that I got to that point I was just in shock at the whole thing and I was just like, ‘let us see where this goes’ and that was literally my mindset throughout the show because I didn’t want to put any kind of hope into this but also I wanted to be able to give it my all every time I stepped on that stage, so, it was just like, ‘just do your best and leave the rest to God and whatever happens just take it as I was meant to get this far and then move on with your life,’ because that was how invested I was in it , just putting as much as I can on the stage and not putting my heart too much into it so I don’t get disappointed. So that was me throughout, every time I got to the next level I was just shocked.

How the experience has shaped her decision in life

I have to say probably in every way. The ideologies I developed because of the accident have been this undercurrent throughout all the decisions I’ve made in my life since that moment. One of the important ones for me is that I never believe that my scar has defined who I was or who I am. I know it’s the most obvious thing about me that you would see and I understand that and I don’t have any problem with that but I had to make sure that no matter what happens, my personality doesn’t change and manages to shine through whatever the vessel looks like.

So, if you’re meeting me for the first time, if you’re talking to me, I wanted you to just know Kechi, not Kechi with the scar. and I’ve found that over time, with the different interactions that I’ve had, that is usually what happens. I like the idea of people getting comfortable, just joke around with me and play and just talk normally with me.

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And another thing is making sure that no matter what happens I understand that I can live a normal life. this accident is a big part of who I am undoubtedly and its become a big defining part of my journey but its not as if it’s the only thing. So, I want people to know that I’m not just this, I’m way more than that and if you care to ever find out, then, you just have to talk to me.

Those mindset are just what I’ve done everything with in my life and its really helping me because it makes life much easier. I don’t have to worry about a lot of things I would worry about if I hadn’t had the scars and I can just live my life freely and be myself and not have to pretend for anyone and I love that I can be my authentic self wherever I am and I want to keep being that way by God’s grace.

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