The Challenges Foluke Daramola-Salako Face That Only Women With Big Boobs Can Understand


While some women would do anything to have bigger boobs, some wish they could reduce theirs to a smaller size.

Although, Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola-Salako sees her’s as a huge source of blessing, it also has its own challenges.

She revealed that she used to be shy of her breasts as a growing girl, but learned to overcome the issue after reading several books.

on self acceptance, she said

When I was much younger, I would always wear thick and big clothes to cover my big breasts because I was really shy about it especially as a result of the way guys used to taunt me and call me all sorts of names like ‘milk factory’.

But as I grew older and started reading some books, my understanding opened and I began to appreciate myself the more. I began to see my big boobs as blessing, rather than problem that I used to consider them to be before.

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On the challenges, she said

The first attraction for most men who come across me is usually sexual. They see my big boobs and are moved immediately. But as a person, I would never go out with any man because they are attracted to my boobs because I know that it is too ordinary.

As far as I’m concerned, women should stop seeing these ‘assets’ as a problem but take them as blessing. It is only by so doing that they’ll know how to carry themselves better. They should carry themselves well and not be ashamed.

Finding the right size of bra is one big challenge that people like us have to deal with all the time. It’s a big challenge because a lot of times I have had to travel abroad to source for the right size of bra which can be very expensive. While other women can buy theirs for around N15, 000, I’ll have to spend as much as N45, 000 to get at least one. As a young girl, I’ve had to go to ‘bend down boutiques’ on several occasions to buy bra because I couldn’t find my size in shops that stock new items. After buying such, I’d soak in hot water, wash, before wearing.

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However, nowadays I have to travel abroad whenever I need new sets of bras to get good ones. It is not as if there are no locally-made ones, the truth is that they can’t last for more than one week for people like us. This is one of the areas we can say having big breasts can be a source of concern at times.

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