The Influence Money Has on Some Women’s Decision to Forgive Their Cheating Partners


Some days ago, fashion blogger, Aderonke Enoabasi posted a meme on her Instagram page that says, “if Beyonce, an American singer, who worths many millions of dollars could forgive her husband when he cheated, then women who don’t have nothing should not disturb anyone when their men cheats.”

This meme started a conversation that brought to light how women see poor and rich men who cheat and how it affects their relationships.

While many believe that forgiving a partner’s excesses (especially cheating) should not be based on his worth, some women say, they’d rather stay with a rich cheat than a poor one.

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And this conversation may explain why some women who are victims of domestic violence find it hard to leave their husbands. Because they don’t have the resources to start on their own.

Aderonke shares her thoughts on the conversation, urging women to forgive their partners excesses only for the right reasons.

She wrote,

So A day ago when I wrote about that Beyoncé cheating stuff!
I got a lot of contributions from y’all which made me happy, but sth was off , 50% of the comment from us was like saying “Ehn is the cheating boyfriend or husband as rich as Jayz”

I became confused because I didn’t see difference between the person that made d MEME and the people who made such comments and then I began to ask myself that A Rich or successful partner is that a TICKET or a RIGHT to cheat? Or is it excusable because he /she is Rich? What is bad is bad, let’s not sugarcoat it just because someone is Rich you nko? Dem swear sey u no go fit make ur money?

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This is my Take ( I might be wrong)
If you must marry – do it for d right reasons
If you must forgive -do it for the right reasons
If your partner cheats and you are crying in a Bugatti you bought yourself that’s ok, I will believe sth genuine is making you stay not the fear of HUNGER.

But if you are crying in a Bugatti he bought 4 u, And that is the major ” REASON” you choose to forgive him, then you are just a SLAVE.  If you choose to be with someone for selfish reason or ure putting up with a toxic partner for selfish reasons that is MODERN DAY SLAVERY.

Everybody the entire generation has made it seem like being loyal to ur partner is LUXURY where by that is suppose to be the STANDARD!

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PLS DON’T GET ME WRONG. I’m not saying u shouldn’t love, forgive or overlook ur partners excesses, I can’t teach u how to run your home or your life affairs, pls forgive if u must but pls if u do , DO IT ONLY FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, SETTLE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS , MARRY FOR THE RIGHT REASONS ! #goodmorning

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