To The Man Who Asks a Woman If She Is a Virgin, And to the Woman Who Thinks Her Answer Must Be Yes


A Facebook user, Blessing McColumbus is urging parents to train their girl children to know that their worth is not tied to their virginity.

She said that in a situation where a man is demanding if she is a virgin or not, that is, before he marries her, she has the right to know his status too.


She wrote,

Mothers and fathers, train ur baby girls to b worthful, not worthless. Same as ur sons. If u miss this target, u have produced another generation that will kill spouses, as its hitting up in our generation now.

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Train ur daughter, not to allow any man, that’s breathing, to run her down by asking her if she is a Virgin. That is not a sign of love, that’s a sign of patronizing. Even if it ends in marriage, ur daughter will b perpetually patronized, till she quits or dies.

Train ur sons not to ask such stupid question, after disvirgining so many… Who does he want to marry those he deflowered, since he is looking for a virgin?

A man, or a boy, Who has slept with a woman, Who he didn’t, end up marrying, talk of who has slept with many, has no right, to ask u if ua a virgin.
D only choice he has, is to fall in love, and work towards maintaining peace and orderliness in his marriage.

When a regular man, sees it to b very important to him, take to ur heels, he is vulnerable, and a hypocrite. Learn to return d question to them, as a Lady, woman, girl.

When a man, Who has been bedding many women, asks u if ua a virgin, turn to him, and ask him if he is a virgin too. It’s not fair to have an unbalanced union. When u see it as a sacrilege, to marry a non virgin,u should also b a virgin. U don’t hump away half of ur youth, and breath down d neck of d daughter of a woman, if she is a virgin.

Once a man comes up with that question, and he can’t answer his… Pick ur bag as a worthful Lady, and leave like a boss. By the time, women starts showing confidence, respect in themselves, all these caricature, men put up with them, will dwindle.

Some of our fathers in this present yrs, are rapists. I will use my cousin as an example. He has a son and a daughter now, but d innocent wife, had no idea, that her husband was, and is still a rapist… Who derives joy in raping his relations. He quite did Census with d ones that are stupid amongst us. Some of them are reading this article of mine now.

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U need to see how he guides his daughter, neglecting if his son, steps into his shoe, in future. Don’t worry my daughter is waiting for his likes, to harvest both penis and balls, at same time, withing seconds.

With more of my daughter, and d daughters of some of our super mums, out there, there will b less rape in this coming generation. We are teaching them not to get raped, and wait for d law and d stigma… Nah, we are teaching them to kill, or cripple any future rapist, if they are tried.

Some lost their virginity, without knowing it. Thru sports, weird jobs like our Engineering, thru riding of bicycles,bikes,horses.Trauma can make a girl, lose her virginity, without knowing it.

Using of Tampons…
Some ladies, sees Tampons to b more comfortable than sanitary pads…. It has broken a lot of Hymen, without them, knowing it.

Masturbation have broken a lot of hymen.. Since Eve joined Adam. there is nothing withdrawn from ur life, if u find out that ua no more a virgin, thru sex or other means.

a ghost did not disvirgin u, a man did. so, no man, born of a woman, has that right, to ask u if ua still a virgin.

if ua still a virgin… it shows that ua careful, and well disciplined. there is nothing wrong with u, if u marry with it… that’s, if ur husband deserves it, after disvirgining many. but if ur husband is ur fellow virgin…..can someone shout hallelujah! Cos, that’s d society we are looking for, in future.

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we don’t wish to have d continuation of d generation that’s pot, calling kettle black. there is nothing wrong, if u find a man that’s a virgin. fathers, mothers… train ur sons to b virgins. There is nothing as sweet as that.. Take it from me. And if u happen to find urself, not to b a virgin, do not go, opening that ur mouth, anyhow, to ask any Lady, if she is a Virgin.. Are u a gorilla?

Ladies.. know ur worth. stop crumbling worthlessly.

Mothers and fathers, train ur baby girls to b worthful, not worthless. Same as ur sons. If u miss this target, u…

Posted by Blessing McColumbus on Saturday, February 24, 2018

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1 Comment

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