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10 Young Naija Women Share Their Experiences With Depression


In January this year, we posted the story of women who shared their experiences of post partum depression.

Not many people know that depression can happen to anyone regardless of their age or social status, we decided to ask some young women if they had gone through depression before and their experiences showed just what we thought.

We also learnt that ANYTHING can trigger depression. However, one thing that is the most important is to get help!


I was depressed last two years. I couldn’t confide in anyone because trust me, most people don’t listen to help, they only listen to criticize. The only one I could tell a bit of it to was my younger brother, and that was because I know he’s the kind that never judges someone.The things I do whenever I find my self in that dark space is to go out, to noisy environment. I do the unusual, hanging out with strangers, engaging myself in social activities like parties…Yes! Parties. Then I pray. A lot of my friends sees me as someone who loves to hangout, if only they know it’s a form of therapy from not going crazy. The world is messed up, trust me.. this same set of people won’t give you a listening hear when you need them, most will criticize.


I know depression. I have seen depression. I know how it looks like. I know what it does to people. I’m a victim of depression, it makes you lonely, moody and secretive. It’s comes gradually and before you could place a finger on it, it’s already eating you up. It’s just the worst of all feeling. I’m still trying to outgrow it


Oh it just creeps in slowly and you don’t know until you find yourself drowning in it. I was way younger and thought there was something wrong with me because of the weird thoughts to harm myself that would come. I did not know. I did not understand why. I was afraid to speak because I felt no one would understand me or they might think I was going crazy. I thought it was just me at that time! I did not know it was a psychological issue that affected so many people no matter their social class. I would hide and cry, prayed about it and I began to learn how to overcome it myself. I don’t know where I got the will power from. Depression is a tough thing to deal with and not everyone is strong enough in the mind to struggle out of it because it plays with your mind. Now I make a conscious effort to keep it at bay by looking out for the things that keep me sane. Staying in a place of gratitude for all I have and be hopeful for more beautiful things to come. I talk and speak positively to myself.


I’m usually a very lively person and after I lost a relationship, I gradually started losing it, could bearly even talk, was always weak, nothing meant anything to me, thought of killing myself a lot of times, all I just wanted to do was sleep but couldn’t even sleep, I was extremely tired, didn’t sleep at night, I could only manage to sleep during the day when I’m supposed to be at work. I stopped going to church, was very angry with God for letting this guy leave me so I decided to see a doctor and he said I had moderate depression disorder. I was angry at myself at first because he recommended I saw a psychologist which I never did . One day I decided to go to church and that was it for me, God healed me, my spirit was lifted and I started getting myself back.


I have been severely depressed when I was about 16 years till about 18. I cried every night and morning. Didn’t have strength for life, thought about suicide every other hour. I lived with my parents and brother. Nobody noticed, nobody cared. It was hard. I felt low, unworthy, unloved and useless. I started dating a guy when I was 17 that I confided in and he helped. Asked me to call everytime I felt that way. We eventually broke up (after 3 months)but he never stopped being my friend. I eventually got out of it.


I have suffered from depression once. I did not get over it overnight, it took almost a year, but with understanding friends and parents, I was able to pull through. It was hard to open up at first because you feel no one would understand how you really feel. keeping up appearances did not work for me. There were times I would just start crying out of no where on the road. In class, it was difficult, I literally prayed my way out and i became deliberate about my happiness. When the sad thoughts come, I replace them with good music or thoughts or I call my friends to just keep the mind busy.


I always knew what it was because, at first, I felt it was spiritual then I made my findings and found out what it was it has a name. Many times, I felt low and worthless, at the same time, I cried a lot for things my mind made up, marriage, a good job etc I struggled with a lot inside but outside I was always smiling and pretending to be happy. The fake smile and laugh gave me real headache. Didn’t feel loved and every time I hear the word I love you, it sounds like a lie and then the suicide thoughts came in. It’s really tough to manage with a shitty job and no relationship whatsoever, then when I was about to give up I just found the strength. Listening to motivational videos and success stories. When I found out the root cause was getting married and getting a good job I just separated that Nigeria mentality and I was happy from the ashes I was burnt to.


I am a victim of anxiety and the worst thing is when people say you will be fine? wetin u dey think? I can’t help it. They don’t understand, they think I am being dramatic.


Still suffering from clinical depression it’s the worst thing ever! Sitting in my house doing nothing. Your thoughts are terrifying enough to give you nightmares. Your nightmares consume your thoughts, then sleep refuses to come for weeks and only to return to take over your day. A vicious cycle.


I’ve been depressed. Still getting over it. I felt like nobody could ever understand how I felt. I loved staying in dark places because that’s how dark I felt my life was. I had suicidal thoughts and attempts as I felt like I had no use here. Like nobody genuinely cared about me. I felt like a total failure. Right now, I give my self pep talks every day. I have note cards on my wall of affirmation plus I talk to God a lot and I also journal a lot.



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