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After 1000 Injections, 13 Surgeries, 2 Miscarriages And 6 IVF Attempts, Came Prince Kairo

At 26, Millen Magese, a Tanzanian model knew her period was not normal like the it is for other women. She was shooting a cosmopolitan cover one day, when she passed out because of severe pain. She was later diagnosed with stage four Endometriosis.

This was 13 years after her first menstruation. And since then, she battled with the pains of Endometriosis.

Last year, Millen welcomed a baby boy, something she considers a huge testimony because women with Endometriosis often have to contend with infertility as well.

In an interview with Genevieve Magazine, Millen shared her journey.

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On what it really is to suffer from Endometriosis

There’s only one word to describe it! NIGHTMARE! You hardly have a life. You can’t plan anything because of the pain that never goes away. You saw how broken I was during a video call with you in the course of this cover and interview. I had had a long day of photo shoot and I needed to send you answers for the cover interview to meet the deadline. The week had also been very challenging and stressful. I couldn’t deal with it all and I just broke down and cried.

On a typical menstrual cycle for Endometriosis patients

Very irregular. I could have three to four periods in a month. That also means four times emergency room visits. If I’m stressed out I bleed! If I take a long flight, I bleed! If I get any shocking news, I bleed! The worse is that I can’t control it. It’s so bad and painful that I hated being around people, especially people who don’t know me. I ended relationships because I just couldn’t take the pressure of trying to look like everything is ok and be the girlfriend any man wanted. I preferred long distance relationships too. I couldn’t take the pressure from anyone. I isolated myself from so many things. I hardly attend or commit to be at any event because I just never know what will happen.

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On how long she tried for a child

Six difficult times! Things went really bad for me in 2015. The pain was unbearable. My doctors said to me; “It’s time for you to make a choice between quality healthy life with a hysterectomy or accept to do more surgeries and try IVF which we don’t think is possible because of your condition.” At that point in time I was already tired of the life I was living. I was tired of everyday pain and many lost job opportunities. I decided to have my uterus removed but a day before the surgery I told my doctor; “I am going to try IVF again. If it doesn’t work then I will agree to remove my uterus.”

With that began my long and traumatic journey towards conception. I had almost 1000 injections with 4 per day and so much money went into it all. At a stage I said, “Father Lord, I am tired. My IVF procedure failed many times and I came so close to giving up but God came through for me. Then there came my baby. It’s a miracle that I actually conceived after 13 surgeries, 2 miscarriages, 4 IVF attempts with no single egg found and total 6 attempts at egg retrieval. My son was my 6th IVF attempt.

Read full interview on Genevieve Magazine. 

More on her journey below;

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The best gift I ever held in my arms !My Son🙏 #PrinceKairoAt10days Genevieve:6. Did you at any time wish you could Just touch the hem of Christ’s garment and receive your healing ? Millen Magese :Not at all,I am a very spiritual and religious person.I am a believer not a wisher . I prayed a lot while following my doctors advices and treatment. There is no powerful person in this world who can actually do so much for you spiritually to make you heal if God isn’t involved. I believed God had a reason for everything including the paths he chose for me . People used to say go to this church and that church to receive healing ,I never did that . I prayed on my own ,day and nights. I would say to God ….. father Lord May you continue to use me till the day you think I deserve all I desire ,mostly a healing and me able to carry my own child . I’m here to accept all the struggle and pain if I must . Lead me Lord. There is a reason why my path is this way and I just believed my day will come when I will be healed completely with the cure . But having my son is a clear picture that God is miracle worker . He hears . He really wiped my tears . I am grateful. #endometriosisawarenessmonth2018 #Photoby @jessiemarrerophotography #LinkOnMyBio

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You’re Lord……. I testify 💪🏽. I lost my dad on this day March 20th 2007. My dad was a big part of my life especially with sickness I am battling”Endometriosis “ prayed so much that one day ,God will bless me with a son have with his characters and features. Guess what …. God gave me what I asked for . My son looks so much like my dad. I’m super blessed 🙏 #PrayTowardsWhatYouDesire #MillenMagese #PrinceKairoAt10Days #mymiraclesonprincekairo🤴 .PLEASE I’m asking for all of you to respect my moments. If pictures of me and my son /my story upsets you then please get out of my page. Very simple. I would like to post whatever as long as I want. I know why I am posting and sharing my story and to be honest , I don’t care how you feel . You were not on my shoes or anyone’s shoes who is battling Endometriosis/Infertility so Cheers ✌🏽

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