Dear Womb Watchers, Berry Dakara Has A Word For You


“You have been married for this long, why don’t you have children yet?” or “Your child is one year old, when do you plan to take in again?” Women who are trying to conceive are asked all sort of questions and while they may seem well meaning, they can be very insensitive.

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Lifestyle vlogger, Berry Dakara in her new vlog has a word for people who are in the habit of asking women trying to conceive questions about pregnancy.

Having gone through that phase too and welcomed her daughter nine months ago, Berry said people asked her so many questions and suggested many reasons why she was yet to get pregnant, which was annoying and hurtful.

She said,

Womb watchers are the people who think it is their god-given rights to comment on whether or not you have children, how you should have your children, when you should have your children, and what your children should be doing.

My question to you guys is, “are you not busy? Don’t you have something doing in your life apart from seeing who is pregnant and who is not pregnant? How is it your business? Are you making money from wondering who is pregnant and who is not pregnant? What gives anybody the right to go and touch another person’s stomach and be like ‘ah, this one that you are not pregnant yet.’ It is not your business.

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Unless you are the woman’s husband, unless you are a close friend that she has come to talk to you about her desire to have children. It is very rude and invasive. You are invading somebody’s privacy. You don’t know what the person is going through and there could be a bunch of scenarios.

  1. Maybe the couple is not ready to have children yet and they do not owe you an explanation for that. So, do not bother them, berate them or ask them, its none of your business.
  2. Maybe they have been trying but have not succeeded. Have you thought about that? Have you thought about how sad she would feel?
  3. Maybe they have gotten pregnant and have miscarriages. You do not know so why bring it up?
  4. Maybe they do not want children. There are some couples that do not want children.


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