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God Did It! Her Support System Did It! Ajoke Beat an Incompetent Cervix


Behind the birth of every child is a story that only a mother can properly recount. For the birth of her first child, Ajoke of My Active Kitchen, battled with premature ruptured membrane. During the conception of her second child, she was told that she had incompetent cervix. Thankfully, just like the first, she overcame.

Mayo Clinic says incompetent cervix, also called a cervical insufficiency, is a condition that occurs when weak cervical tissue causes or contributes to premature birth or the loss of an otherwise healthy pregnancy.

She wrote,

On the 11th of Nov 2017, I found out I have incompetent cervix. I was 21 weeks pregnant, after my consultant broke the news to me, I became numb and angry at my body at the same time. Now it’s beginning to make sense, I had my first child 10 weeks early, no warning signs of labour at all, I woke up one morning with premature ruptured membrane… My poor child, my body failed her but God had bigger plans for her… Aduke will be 6 next month (my oga madam)

My consultant asked me to come back after a week and she sent me home with some homornal medication to see if it would help improve my diagnoses. All I could think about was viability… I can’t afford to miscarry at 20 weeks plus, I went home, read up on incompetent cervix (Google is your worst enemy when you are down). I prayed to God, I told Him he’s promised me nothing but at least 37 weeks of healthy pregnancy and baby on this journey ( I now wish I had asked for 40 weeks)

A week after my diagnoses and after no improvement with my cervix length, I had an emergency cerclage to help keep my baby in longer till at least 36weeks. I never looked forward to TUESDAY’S like I did for the rest of my pregnacy… I looked forward to every appointment and wish for a miracle but my cervix kept shortening.

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At 24 weeks, I lost some mucus plug (known as show)with blood stain in It. I cried my eyes out on the way to the hospital, God I can’t have this baby at 24 weeks (again Google is not your best friend when you are down) anyway I spent some few days at the hospital and was sent home… happy days right.

Long story short, we survived every Tuesday up until 36 weeks 6days..My lil miss couldn’t wait till 37 weeks for mummy to ditch her stitch. God did it, Dr Saleemi did it too, she believed in me and my diagnoses, my GP was the best too she listened to me and helped to work the best plan for my baby and I. My midwife called me trouble as she didn’t hear the last of my rant.

To all my support systems, for their prayers and reassurance. ama write about you all in another post but really guys WE DID IT, WE BEAT INCOMPETENT CERVIX!! HAPPY due date my darling Anike! madewhole @diddiesuigeneris#rainbowbaby #cerclage

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