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How One Woman Got the Courage to Shut Down Her Mother’s Crippling Criticisms


Some parents  think that they are helping their children to be ‘better persons’ by criticizing almost everything they do, sadly, they do not realize how much damage their words can do.

This twitter user, @cynfinite shared how she had to stand up to her mom, who would not stop criticizing her body and the peace she got from doing that.

After her tweets, it was surprising that many women confirmed it, as they shared their stories of how family members and loved ones criticize and silently bully them over how they look.

She tweeted,

Yesterday, after my mother made a comment about my body, I told her that that’s the last comment she can ever make. Enough is enough. That I never want to hear her opinion about my body ever again.

I didn’t say it maliciously. I didn’t raise my voice or anything. Something whispered in my ear as she was speaking that said, “This has to stop. End it, right now.” And suddenly, the words found me and I spoke them.

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She was stunned. She didn’t understand why. And I didn’t spend time trying to explain myself. I know that her words have been the thing that has crippled me to believe I’m not good enough bc of the way I look. I know her words continue to cripple me.

And I’m taking the stand this year to grow out of my unhealthy relationship with my body, and in order to do that, I have to silence the primary voice that brought me here: hers.

“Trust that I’m doing what I need to do for myself and my health. Just…know that. But that was the last comment. After that, I never want to hear your opinion about my body again.” She stared at me. Tried to argue a bit. And I just kept repeating myself.

I know this is gonna be hard for her. It’s a habit to comment about my body as much as it is a habit for me to internalize that and continue the voice in my own head when I’m alone. But I needed to establish this boundary.

Because I am tired. Tired of denying myself greatness because of internalizing everybody’s opinion about me that they’ve projected from their own bullshit. I’ve denied so many opportunities bc of this fear. I’m so OVER it.

So if I have to silence you, I will. If I have to remove you from my life, I will. I do not want to hear your projections. They are not my problem. I have myself to take care of. And if that irks you, WELP.

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I’m so eager to receive the life that’s WAITING for me to receive it. And slowly, I’ve been doing that. But it’s time to up the ante. This isn’t a game anymore. Fuck outta here.

Remind yourself that you’re shedding anything that can stop you from being great. You’re taking your power back.

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