“I Refuse To Be Shamed For My Saggy Boobs” – Chidera Eggerue describes Her Journey to Creating the Hashtag #Saggyboobsmatter


Growing up, Chidera Eggerue’s perception of a ‘perfect’ breast was the one usually portrayed on TV. It was shocking when she realized her breast was quite different.

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So, she decided when she was 18, she was going to do a breast surgery but thought against it when she realized she couldn’t be the only one feeling that way about her breasts.

Now 23, Chidera started a conversation with the hashtag, #SaggyBoobsMatter, in a bid to challenge the way the world view women’s bodies.

According to her, since launching her body positive movement, she has received messages from women who decided to cancel consultations with plastic surgeons.

She said,

I realise that there is a particular standard being placed on us as women in the society and that standard is reinforced by the things we see on packaging. I remember when I was a lot younger and I had gone for bra fitting and when I tried the bra on according to my correct size that was given to me, my breasts weren’t looking like the one on the packaging and I was like “oh my god, what’s going on here? What’s wrong with me?” I felt strange.

For a teenage girl to be thinking what’s wrong with me? It was way too early in my life for me to start disliking myself and then I realised I definitely wasn’t the only person who felt how I felt. So I felt its time for me to start this conversation and get everyone involved because it doesn’t matter your body shape and size any woman can have saggy boobs at any age.

When I was 18, I considered breast surgery. I used to say to my mum all the time, “once I’m 18, one thing I’m going to do when I get a job, save money and get my boobs done.” As much as I believe that women deserve absolute autonomy over their body and if they want to get a breast augmentation, I completely feel its up to them, however I do feel that a lot of the time, it’s a short cut to accepting yourself because what we don’t realise about insecurity is that its something of the mind and if you don’t learn to view yourself as someone who is awesome and deserving to be here…..

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The shift from wanting to do a breast surgery and accepting myself occurred when I looked back on my teenage years and my early 20s wishing I had loved myself a lot more. I would have made sure that I am very present in this moment and believe that I deserve to be here and that my physical appearance is probably the least thing about me as beautiful as I am. I am reclaiming ownership of every single negative connotation attached to what it means to have saggy boobs. I think the word saggy is just an adjective and we are the one who determine what is negative or positive.

In my Instagram comments, I’ve had a few strange men be like, “ you’re so young, why your boobs are saggy?” this is un ideal that women are not allowed to age and on top of that women shouldn’t be caught enjoying themselves during that process of aging. Its really strange because something saggy is normally associated with ageing. Its like women are not allowed to be part of that process. You’re just supposed to look 21 for the rest of your life. its so hard.

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I’ve had an overwhelmingly warm, amazing response, specifically from very young teenagers who have told me that when they had come across the hashtag it actually stopped them attending a consultation with a plastic surgeon, which was amazing to hear. What’s been even more heart-filling was receiving messages from breastfeeding mothers, telling me that this hashtag has allowed them to feel more beautiful during the process of breastfeeding their child that not many women are able to partake in as they are ashamed that they feel ashamed for their body changing during such a short period of time because you feel that you’ve lost ownership or control. But its something that you should actually enjoy and I’m really glad that I’ve been able to contribute to another woman feeling more comfortable.


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