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Laetitia Ky Is Using Her Hair To Represent Everything She Believes In, We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before!


Instagram hair enthusiast, @laetitiaky, has always talked about how much she admires nature, and she has proved this admiration by making artworks with her hair.

The big question on everyone’s mind is “How does she do it?” The effortlessness she uses to transform her dreads into different shapes is just amazing.

#metoo Thousands of women are raped every day in the world, but very few are able to talk about it, to complain or fight. Why? Because our "beautiful" society has the tendency to blame the victim almost every time. "" Oh but you should not have to gone out so late !!! "" "" "Ah, but you had a mini skirt" "," "why are you complaining if you agreed to have dinner with him?" "," "dont tell me that you were not trying to seduce him with all that makeup" "… Ladies … NOTHING JUSTIFIES RAPE, SEXUAL ASSAULT OR HARASSMENT. Neither your clothing, your make-up, your relationship with the abuser (because even your husband doesnt have the right to force you to have sex if you dont want to, the concept of marital rape exists). There is no enabling circumstance for the abuser and you need to talk about it so that thing starts to change. Don't remain silent, dont let anyone tell you that you have some responsibility in this despicable act !!!! Speak out because you dont have to carry this burden alone, talk to help other women who are afraid, talk to start a revolution, talk to change things. You are not alone. Dont be discouraged even if your direct surrounding makes you feel guilty … the weight can be difficult to sustain and the battle can be hard but it is worth it !!!!!! It's never too late to speak out. Even if the assault took place 20 years ago, a crime remains a crime so dare to speak out …. dont let anything pass… so those men learn to honor and respect women . Because yes, it is not for you to interfere with your liberty so that they are not tempted but for them to know how to control themself. I repeat it once more, dare to talk about it, dare to SNITCH ON YOUR PIGS… talk to the people around you so they can bring you all the support that the victims desperately need to start the process of healing… My DM is open to anyone who wants to talk. You are not alone.

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#bodypositive #bodypositivity #selflove #loveyourself #tall Today i have 2 stories for you ! Story 1 by @brazzabujadz At my young age I’ve already seen that I was a bit different than other kids. I was the tallest kid. ALL MY LIFE IN ALL COUNTRIES I’ve been, peoples always make comments about my height before anything else and that has always been embarrassing for me. They ask how tall I am before even asking my name, some call me names that lows my self esteem. That’s why I ended up walking with a forward head posture to feel a bit shorter than usual, hated my self so much that I became very anxious, began to dress like boys because I didn’t want people to look me and judge me. I always thought that peoples talk about me in a negative way. I also had problems dating boys because I was too tall. I ended up not loving myself anymore until I started to realize that nobody was perfect. My body is a creation of GOD. I also didn’t realize that some people who compliment me were actually right. To all my tall girls right here, loving yourself FIRST is the most important thing. Who you are is enough 💖 A proud giraffe 🦒😂💖 Story 2 by @leahkinglive One that’s not talked about much is what it’s like being a tall woman. I’m 6feet/182cm, which isn’t as tall as some women I’ve met, but definitely taller than the average man worldwide. I do love it, and have always loved it, but it also means that some people have called me degrading names since childhood, react crazily to me if they feel intimidated, and generally act as though my height is the only thing that’s important about me. It’s sad for them, and just frustrating to me! It’s just a wild journey of loving the body you’re in, isn’t it? Anyway I’d love to see a creative expression of feminine height and/or feminine grandness – it’s ok for us to feel larger than life and capable of taking up tons of space, even if it makes men feel small.

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#bodypositive #bodypositivity #selflove #food #loveyourself Story by @abbytsao When I was younger, I was quite skinny and underweight. So I never thought I was 'fat' or could be 'fat'. But then in high school, I started eating more and gaining more weight. My mom was actually really happy at first but after a few years, even she said I should be careful. To be honest, I'm very sure that I am not fat at all. And in high school, it was a very international school so they were very accepting of body and nobody ever. thought I was fat. But since my university, I have moved back to my Asian (Hong Kong) culture where people are very skinny, and being skinny is very important. I've been called fat so many times and made fun of. But I knew I didn't care. I loved myself! Especially since I know God made me so I am perfect the way I am! So when people make fun of me, I always brush it off and don't care what they say because I found my own confidence within me and in God's love for me. So that's my story. People still make fun of me until this day. But I don't care. I can even make fun of myself. Also, I really like running, and people always think I'm doing it to become skinny, but that is really not true!!! I will run even if I don't lose any weight because I love it, and I love the feeling of my body becoming stronger! Of course there are times of insecurities but all that will pass and in the end, your body is yours so love it and take care of it! One funny side note, I always think to myself, ""Do I like eating more or being skinny more? Which one will give me more happiness?"" and the answer is always food!!! So I always choose it! 😂

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#bodypositivity #bodypositive #gap #gapteeth #gaptooth #tooth #loveyourself #smile #hairart Story by @artsyfartsydaria Throughout my life, I've had different things that I've been self conscious about, from having a hairy body to having a belly to having chubby arms. One thing that constantly bothered me, though, was the gap in my front teeth; I would see pictures everywhere of people smiling, all their teeth lined up together, statistics about how your smile is the first thing people notice about you, and so on. I hated smiling in pictures with my teeth, and would always keep my mouth closed if I could/make sure I wasn't opening my mouth too wide when talking to people. One day, I read an article of an interview with @fkatwigs talking about how she loved her tooth gap, and it totally changed my outlook! I was also told by my dentist that it's actually better to have a gap because bacteria doesn't get stuck there as easily, and I decided not to get braces. Now, it's been years, and I totally embrace having a tooth gap, because humanity's diversity is what makes us beautiful ❤️

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"aspiring fashion designer" You can see it in my instagram description. And this detail appears on my instagram descripted since I created my account. I've always loved fashion in general and since I'm in high school, one of my dream is having a clothing brand. Since last year I started the process of creating this brand and it was extremely hard. I struggled a lot but Today I am proud because I work to put somethings in place. Thank you to all of you who follow me and support me. The main source of my strength, my courage and perseverance comes from you. You know me as an hair artist, but I'm about to show you the clothes artist hidden in me. Of course I will never stop with the hair and I will not limit myself only in fashion but one thing at a time! I am exited and affraid at the same time but its an interesting feeling. I cant wait to share with you all the ideas of fashion that I have and I hope you will like them and will like to wear them. I cant wait to change this "aspiring fashion designer" into "fashion designer". I just create an instagram for the brand: !!! Hehehe i have a dope logo heinn ??? Admit it 😂😂😂😂😂 #grateful #nextstep #fashiondesigner #african #hairart

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At what level is the fight for women rights in your country ????? in mine we still have a lot of work. some women are sexually mutilated because some believe that a woman does not have the right to have sexual fulfillment. some women dont have the chance to go to school because for some it is not useful to educate a woman. ordinary sexism is second nature to some. women are paid less, sexually harassed daily, slutshamed and violence against them is justified… guys the list of women struggle here is so long…. In other contries this is even worse… Today, Is a reminder of how we have a lot of work again to do. Im sad sometime when i realise how powerless i am in front of the situation of some women in this word. But i remember that i have a powerful weapon ! ""The possibility to speak"" Think to all these women who speak everyday to say NO when Something wrong, things become a little better everyday. So dont neglect it and never lose an opportunity to speak. Thank you to all theses brave feminists men who stand with women everyday for justice and equality. You are heros too.

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