“My Dad Once Told Me That The Day I Stop Being Scared Is The Beginning Of My Downfall” – Kemi Adetiba


“What if,” is one fear that has held many people back from achieving their dreams, but there is another kind of fear that comes with how big your dreams are.

Music and film director, Kemi Adetiba is talking about how she faces this fear and  converts it into the energy she needs to pursue her dreams.

She wrote,

Today I woke up scared… Actually petrified. Petrified of life. What I had to give it. If I had anything else to give it, and what else it had in store for me. I’m not all honky dory, happy and motivated everyday of my life. Sometimes… Many times, I’m left depleted with soul engulfing fear when I wake up in the morning, that I don’t want to talk to anyone and instead just sink deeper underneath the covers.

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You might call it the curse of the creative, or the paralysis of reality that eventually grabs the over-ambitious. But I’m scared… Scared all the gotdarn flipping time. And I’m tired of it. I always feel the need to keep moving that sometimes I can’t catch up with myself. Sometimes I feel like every step I take transports me into new terrain, robbing me of the chance to get familiar and comfortable with where I was previously.

I was just getting comfortable with all these familiar things and people around and now I’m HERE in this space where I know no one again, I have to learn new skills to survive in this new “level” of the game… And I’m scared.

It took me writing this down to understand that this is what some might call elevation. You take the knowledge you got stomping on turtles and breaking bricks of coin, jump on a flag and it transports you to the level where you’re hurling balls of Fire at little, evil spike turtles and jumping over pits of Fire till hopefully, you finally get to that level where you face Bowser, lord of the evil turtles- win, and rescue the princess.

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Weird Super Mario reference, but my 80s babies know what I mean. My dad once told me, that the day I stop being scared is the beginning of my downfall. Even Beyoncé gets scared before every performance.It’s that fear that pushes her to practice like a maniac. Convert your fear into adrenalin.

I came across a quote from a book today… “Save nothing for the next life.” And on a day where I’m devoid of motivation, and want everything to just… stop… moving (only because I scared sh**less of this new level) I got up from underneath the covers and decided to give this day and my life a(nother) fighting chance. Have an awesome Friday everyone… And it’s okay to be scared

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