This Is What Feminism Means To Sola Allyson


Some women have been tagged bitter and angry because of the way talk about feminism, and this has given the society a misconception of what it really is.

With this realization, gospel singer, Sola Allyson decided to share her own definition of feminism, hoping that it would correct the anomalies.

She wrote,

I think we are taking this Feminist/Feminism issue too far. The way I understand it is that Women also deserve respect and honor, and must be given the same opportunities as the men, to be whatever they choose to be.

I don’t see it as competition with the men or hatred towards men. We all know that before now, women were treated as second place and only good for the kitchen, the other room, and giving birth. Many women were not permitted to express their feelings, desires and opinions, they were not allowed to go to school or “know too much” and follow their dreams, those that stood their ground did so at the expense of becoming outcasts in their immediate families/environments. All these had sown some bitterness and resentment.

Now, things are changing. Women have risen up to positions and are doing many great things that deserve some accolades! I support that girls/women be given the same opportunities the boys/men have. I support that women are treasures to be respected, pampered and honored in our own places, that we have a lot of riches in us and the world should allow the expressions, but I am not understanding why we are almost turning it into competition/hatred towards men!!!

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AND ANYONE MUST BE LEFT ALONE TO CHOOSE TO BE WHATEVER THEY WANT TO BE! Someone chooses to be a WIFE first before all the other “accolades”, it is OK!!! I was told by one of my Lecturers that a particular Woman-Scholar is angry at the way I described women in my song, Mopelola and she put up a paper against it!

This society can do better in terms of respect and care towards women, I agree. But bitterness cannot solve it! Hatred is not the way! Men, Women, we have our places. There is order in Creation!!! The trouble started when men of yesteryears found a way to stifle and subject the woman with her intricate gifting.

Now the women of this time have discovered and want to rise up. YES! But BALANCE IS EVERYTHING! I believe the men are becoming more aware of the value the woman brings. Let’s make ourselves valuable as we really are! We need no competition. We are made complete! Let’s look inwards and draw out the treasures within us! Feminism is not hating on men!!!

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