Until She Mentioned Them, We Didn’t Know These 20 Things about Abimbola Craig!


Fears, dreams and even secrets, we all have those things that many people don’t know about us. Popularly known from the TV series, Skinny Girl In Transit, Abimbola Craig shares 20 things you probably never knew about her.

Her fears

One of my fears is to leave this earth not accomplishing anything. Not touching the life of people I really want to have create positive impact on. As I’m lying on my 100-year old bed, I want to be able to say I have impacted a number of people.


I love to travel and I hate to travel. I love getting to the destination but I hate the journey to the destination. Also, I cant be in a car longer than three minutes, if I’m not driving, I will fall asleep.

Her happiest place

My happiest place is by myself, once I’m anywhere by myself, I’m really very happy because I have a lot of conversations with myself. I talk to myself a lot and once I’m able to reconcile the events of the day where I was good or bad, I feel better.

Type of people she dislikes

I don’t like ignorant people in any form or shape. Emotional ignorance, social ignorance, political ignorance.. I don’t just like it. one thing my dad told me growing up and I’ve held the fact in my hands was that, even if you’re not into something, be knowledgeable about it so that when people are having conversations, you can throw it one thing. So I hate it when people are ignorant about certain things especially things around them.

Her dream job

One of my dream job before I die would be to have finally being able to cal myself a radio presenter. I really would love to go into radio.

Her insecurities

I never thought I was insecure about my weight until I started loosing weight and I’m still insecure about it. So when I was at my heaviest, I didn’t care but the minute I put my mind to it after my brain surgery, I felt, “Bimbo, its time to put your life in order.” I find it hard to look at myself in the mirror because when I do, all I see is my insecurities.

Watch her full conversation below

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