What Winning The 2015 Presidential Election Would Have Meant for Remi Sonaiya’s Husband


“How will her husband be addressed? How will he feel knowing that his wife was the president of the country?”

So asked some people when Remi Sonaiya joined the presidential race in 2015.

Remi speaks on why she chose her her husband, how supportive he has been of her career and how he would have felt if she had won the 2015 presidential election.

She said,

It is good to know what you are looking for, maybe what could attract you is the good looks at first but later the character begins to matter because a good character is better than good looks. That is what would sustain the relationship. My husband and I would be 40 years together this year.

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(When he approached me, I gave him a chance because) He was very good looking. He has a wonderful way of telling the story; he is a good storyteller unlike me. I have actually forgotten how he walked up to me. We are still very good friends. However, one thing I knew from the start was that he respected me. When a man demonstrates respect and does not take you for granted; he does not think that you are an accessory, then he is a keeper.

He was the one who told me that if I really wanted to be an academic, I should go for it. He was in the US doing his PhD, so I applied to his school for my master’s degree. When we both finished our programmes, we came back home then he told me again that if I wanted to pursue more degrees, I was free to do so and that was when I went to bag my PhD. I went back with our kids and got my additional degree.

Some people told him that he must have been crazy to send his family abroad while he remained in Nigeria alone but he never listened to them. I went and came back. He is the type of man that pushes you to be the best you can be. I mean what kind of man would you think I am married to before I can go into politics?

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So if I had won the presidential election in 2015, my husband would have been the proudest first man in Nigeria. My husband is not a normal African man. In fact, he calls himself my potential first man. For him, it is no big deal because he is an accomplished person in his field. All these things do not matter and they do not define who you are. He wore my brooch all over the world and was bragging that his wife was running for president. He is very supportive and would never bring you down so that you can serve him.

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