With These Two Simple Ingredients, Your Indomie Game Will Never Remain The Same


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Noodles are one of the quickest meals to make and the fact that they come with their seasonings, makes it easier. One could however get bored of their taste. Every noodle brand has its unique taste, from Indomie, to Honeywell, to Chikki, to Mimee; they all taste differently.

Now, how about tweaking the taste of these noodles brands? This simple food-hack will not only change the taste of your noodles, but also greatly improved the smell.

All you have to do is add a few slices of onions, and half a table spoon (depending on the quantity of the noodles) of vegetable oil, which has previously been used to fry very ripe plantains, a minute before the noodles get ready.

There you have it; a very simple foodtrick to spice up your noodles.

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