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5 Naija Women Tell Us What Single Women Can Do While Waiting To Get Married


Are you single with plenty of free time and you don’t know what t0 do with it, below are suggestions from 5 Naija women on what you can do while waiting.


It’s a season of preparedness and also gathering of knowledge. It is the time to set the pace for one’s career, business, get set for the marriage itself and all that life holds. It’s all summed up in “self investment”


Being single gives you the opportunity to learn so many things that you wouldn’t have to time for after marriage. For example, you can use your free time to learn vocational skills. A single lady can also go ahead to get herself a Masters degree in her waiting period. There are also many life changing seminars that a single lady can attend to empower an individual about marriage, business, finance, career and such seminars will go a long way to build her up. Take advantage of the time you have as a single lady or man because you are can’t get back that time after marriage.


This is an opportunity to study myself, get to really know myself, be on my own without having anybody apart from family to fall back on. I did this so that when I get into a relationship or get married, I’ll be doing that because I want to, not because the society wants me to or because I can’t be on my own.

Also, this is the budding stage of my career. Being single affords me the opportunity and time to explore, travel, meet people and build strong connections that will serve as a ladder for me. As much as the person you’re with trusts you, I’m not sure any man will be comfortable with his woman meeting with and hanging out with the people that I do, without raising an eyebrow.


Being single teaches me to be more patient tolerant and also deal with my trust issues.


As a young female, I think being single gives room for self development and career opportunities. I learnt this from my mum. She would always lament how many career opportunities she missed because she was married. She married quite early. She rings it in our ears especially her daughters to develop ourselves and career before going into marriage. To her, it’s quite more difficult for a married lady getting a good job compared to the singles.


I am more focused. I give my 200% into my business, no distractions, and no man issues. Single hood is a beautiful experience aside the “konji” that comes at intervals but honestly, this is the time to build, grow and discover your niche


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