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Beauty Has Deep Scars from Years of Abuse but She Isn’t Hiding Them, She Is Using Them to Help Other Women


Beauty came from a home where she saw her father beat her mum and many times, her mum ended up in the hospital. Beauty’s father soon started to beat her and her sibling and then he proceeded to sexually abusing her. On one occasion, her uncle, who wanted to help with her mother’s hospital bills also raped her.

Feeling worthless and useless, Beauty’s first attempt at suicide was at 13.

One day, while hawking, she met a woman, Madam Stella, who asked why she was on the street, took her home and told her parents that Beauty could make money just by dancing.

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Ecstatic, Beauty’s parent’s released her to Madam Stella. Sadly, Madam Stella made her become a stripper, having forced her to swear an oath of secrecy.

“My experience as a stripper wasn’t a good one. Right in front of me, I watched some of the girls in the house die. It was really horrible. There was a rule in the house that if you got pregnant, you either abort the child, before she (Madam Stella) realizes. If the baby is a boy, she will sell the baby to childless couples but if the baby is a girl, she keeps the baby so that she can grow up to be a prostitute,” Beauty narrated.

One day, Beauty realized she was pregnant and Madam Stella got to know. She was made to keep her baby and at 9 months old, Beauty’s baby girl was taken away from her.

The founder of I Don’t Hide My Scars Foundation, Beauty is using her story to inspire other women who have been abused.

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