“…I Feel Lonely In My Fight Against Sexism, In A Way That I Don’t Feel In My Fight Against Racism…” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


“Feminist is a bad word, everywhere in the world, let’s not kid ourselves, but particularly where I come from,” Chimamanda Adichie said, in a chat with Guardian UK.

Few weeks ago, Chimamanda had asked Hillary Clinton at the PEN AMERICA WORLD FESTIVAL why her twitter bio first describes her as a wife and that question sparked a lot of criticism.

Unfazed, Chimamanda gave a response to her criticisms  and she’s still taking her stance on fighting against sexism and her impact on women around the globe in  this chat with Guardian UK.

On her fight against sexism

I don’t think sexism is worse than racism, it’s impossible even to compare. It’s that I feel lonely in my fight against sexism, in a way that I don’t feel in my fight against racism. My friends, my family, they get racism, they get it. The people I’m close to who are not black get it. But I find that with sexism you are constantly having to explain, justify, convince, make a case for.

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On pregnancy

There are so many women for whom pregnancy is the thing that pushed them down, and we need to account for that. We need to have a clause in every job that a woman who gets pregnant gets her job back in exactly the same way. It’s wrong! I don’t think I’m more inherently likely to do domestic work, or childcare … It doesn’t come pre-programmed in your vagina, right?

On the #MeToo movement 

I feel optimistic. But cautiously optimistic. It’s either the beginning of a revolution, or it is going to be a fad. We just don’t know … I do see in women a sense that ‘We’re done, this is it … No.’ and it gives me hope.



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Salomi Feagus Ishaya

    Salomi Feagus Ishaya

    May 1, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    Absolutely, feminist like no other, ride on Adiche

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