Now her story will make you question some advice you have heard as a single women in your thirties…


It’s simple, short and precise; it also carries the truth many single ladies need to hear.

Media personality, Shade Ladipo, just had her engagement ceremony, which she is really excited about but she also took out time to share some things she learnt on the journey to getting engaged.

As a successful woman, who is coming of age, she was advised to marry any man that came her way as well as play down her achievements so that any man that comes won’t feel threatened. She ignored those warnings and she won big at the end.

She wrote,

It’s amazing how the world wants to tell you what you do or don’t deserve
Ha Shade you’re already 35, just manage a divorcee or maybe an older guy or maybe someone with kids ….

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All these young guys don’t like strong women like you
Ha Shade you’re driving brand new car, you will chase young guys away
Ha Shade you’re living in a Penthouse Apartment, they will think you’re an Aristo babe
Ha Shade you’re too out there on social media, they will think you are too loose

What the world thinks you deserve ….
What the world wants you to have ….
It’s all a reflection of what their minds are limited to
No matter your age, please don’t let anyone define what your life should or should not look like
You decide that shit
Take away the power you have given to anyone around you to determine what Success looks like

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Define your standards
Write them down
Keep yourself busy
Work on building yourself
Don’t ever settle for less
YOU are Plan A and everything else is Plan B
YOUR happiness is everything
Everything you want is dependent on YOU


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1 Comment

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